Escargore: A Terrifying Horror Comedy: For Snails

It kind of leaves you speechless, doesn’t it? Escargore is definitely something that was perfect for Halloween since it’s coming up in a couple of days, and it was bound to be morbidly funny since snails in a kitchen speaks of nothing good, for the snails anyway. Upon looking at it a person should be able to state that it could have been at least somewhat worse since the snails could have been killed, stuffed with lemon pepper, and then gouged out of their shells with a fork. But yeah, seeing them being chopped up in a food processor, squished by a pot, decapitated by a falling knife, exploded by a microwave, and then eaten by a dog offered up a lot more variety since it might have been boring if they’d all been taken out in one fell swoop. Short as it was, the clip was to the point, no pun intended and made it clear that something was going to happen, even if you didn’t happen to know what it might be. Did anyone think that the last snail was really going to make it back to the garden? It’s a little surprising that a dog would eat a snail, shell and all. Well, it’s not really, but at the same time, one might have thought that we might have heard a crunch in there since it would have added a little more finality. But otherwise, well done.

It’s funny, but horror involving smaller creatures usually goes poorly for those that the smaller things are attempting to infest, infect, or otherwise harm. But when you look at it, the horror of being smaller and being overlooked that often would be kind of easy to imagine since living in a world where there are giants that either don’t see you or don’t give you much regard must be horrifying. It’s hard to believe that anyone could squish a snail and not notice it, or notice that there’s a blown-up snail in their microwave. It’s also hard to think that five snails this big could go unnoticed in a bowl of lettuce, but hey, that might be able to happen. If a movie such as Sausage Party could happen, then it’s definitely feasible to make a movie about talking slugs that are basically going unnoticed in the kitchen as they’re being dispatched in some of the goriest ways possible. Humans are kind of clueless at times when we’re trying to go about our business, but wouldn’t someone hear the crunch of a shell, or happen to notice four big snails when they’re trying to cook? Right, horror clip, semi-blind, and vague antagonists to make the clip funnier got it. It did work really since seeing things from the snails’ point of view made it clear that they’re not too bright but that they were at least trying to get away, well, except for the one in the salad bowl. He was content to munch away until he got mulched by the food processor.

Another bad idea was to split up since if anyone notices the female snail was out of there the moment she could be, and the result was that she quite literally lost her head, oh yes, pun totally intended. The logic is also kind of interesting but sound since the snails would probably see an open microwave as a safe enough place to hide out since it’s out of sight and it’s away from the killing pots and knives that appear from nowhere. But that microwave apparently had it out for the snail since not only did the door close on its own, but the device started up on its own, likely ‘by accident’ and roasted the poor guy until he exploded. Is anyone else getting Maximum Overdrive flashbacks? This clip is definitely all kinds of messed-up, and the fact that the lone snail that survived the kitchen ordeal was snapped up by the dog is kind of sad and all, but it’s not unexpected since this clip kind of plays out like Final Destination without the premonitions of death, eventually, everyone has to die since that’s just the way it goes. In a horror movie, one either gets to see a survivor emerge victorious but definitely traumatized for the rest of their life, or they see the demise of every last individual in the story since one way or another stuff tends to happen when horror is the main point of the tale.

Kudos to the creator of this amusing clip since it was well done and was definitely worth the watch considering that it did give some hope at first and even at the end, but then snatched it away without needing to warn anyone. Sometimes horror doesn’t have to be complex to be entertaining, or amusing.

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