Are We Ever Going to See a Captain America 4?

Right now it’s hard to see anyone else becoming Captain America, even if there have been talks and ideas about the Falcon or Bucky donning the uniform and the iconic shield. As great as Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie have been though it doesn’t seem as either of them are destined to take up the role in Captain America 4, if it does in fact come to light. There’s no reason to think it won’t since the character has been cinematic gold so far for the MCU, but whether or not Chris Evans will make his return as the famed leader of the Avengers is still up in the air.

He could be on his way out.

Right now his contract is pretty much up with the MCU, as are Robert Downey Jr.’s and Chris Hemsworth’s. People need to remember that these guys have been with the MCU for some time now and likely want to move on to other things. But the allure of staying on is likely too great to just walk away without at least talking it over and seeing if a new contract can be written up. Even Evans seems to indicate that he’d be willing to take up the mantle once again if things could be hammered out between him and the MCU once again. But as to the future of Captain America it’s not too certain at this moment so don’t go holding your breath.

Despite not being an original Avenger he’s been treated as such in the MCU.

His evolution as the first Avenger and then as the leader of the actual Avengers has been something unique despite how he’s been depicted in the comic books. Some Marvel fans have no doubt been trying to sort out in their heads just why the Avengers were given over to a different lineup than they had in the comics from the start, but many of them have gladly accepted what came and have embraced a team that was still comprised of three of its original founding members and one that came later but was still there in the earliest days. Comic book fans might remember that Hawkeye and the Black Widow came much later than Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and even Captain America. And let’s not forget that Ant Man and Wasp were two of the founding members as well.

But Captain America has always been popular ever since he was brought into the fray, largely because of what he represents and because of his character. He’s one of the most upright superheroes to ever don a costume and despite the Hydra arc in the comics he’s still widely loved by many. This is the ultimate boy scout we’re talking about after all, and even after losing the colors and the shield in Infinity War he was still the noble and upright person that he’s always been, even as the Nomad, which in truth was Bucky’s designation back in the day.

His arc isn’t completely finished yet.

It will depend largely on how his character is handled in Avengers 4, but right now it’s anyone’s ballgame when it comes to guessing just what direction the character will take and if he’ll even survive. You’ve got to remember that in the original Infinity Gauntlet Cap was killed by a casual backhand from Thanos. His shield had been busted, he was trapped, and despite his great strength Cap couldn’t even raise a bruise on Thanos’ chin. He’s always had great fighting spirit to go along with those muscles, but Cap just isn’t a match for Thanos no matter how tough he is. In the upcoming Avengers movie it’s very possible, as the bosses at the MCU have been hinting, that Cap could be one of those that meets his end finally. Being that Evans is either on his way out or trying to find a way to stay it could be that they’ll simply roll the dice and see what happens, so to speak.

Fans might be outraged that Cap would be killed off, but given that heroes don’t always last you would think that they might get over it. After all Logan met his end and people threw an absolute fit for a short amount of time. But they got over it. If Cap is to fall however it might take a little more doing to get over it simply because more and more people would be likely to attribute his death to the death of America in a way and the rumor mills would start churning out at an unbelievable rate.

Captain America is one of the most iconic superhero’s to ever be created and in truth he’s possibly one of the most popular of all time. If he doesn’t survive Avengers 4 then the chances are good that his mantle will still be taken up, but it won’t be by Chris Evans.

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