Are We Ever Going to See a Jeepers Creepers 4?

It looks like there might be a Jeepers Creepers 4 in the works, and fans couldn’t be happier since it means their favorite white-haired, people-eating demon is coming back. In 2001 Jeepers Creepers came out and absolutely terrorized the general public. It received a great deal of attention thanks to the somewhat confusing story that continued to unravel. The film pulled few if any punches along the way and despite not being overly gory was absolutely terrifying due to the subject matter that was revealed along the way. As Darry and Trish encountered the Creeper they eventually came on his radar when they noticed him dumping large, white bundles down a strange pipe leading somewhere they couldn’t see. When he saw them looking however the chase was on, and they were the prey.

So far not a lot is being given out about the movie, but it would appear that Trish will still be on the Creeper’s trail and she will have her own kid at this point. This almost seems to indicate that there might be some bad blood between her and the Creeper, more so than the earth-shattering abduction of her brother however. Considering how badly she wants to find the Creeper and make him pay, it seems as though the creature might actually remember her if they do see one another again. After all the thing does hunt by scent, using the pheromones given off by fear to pick out his next targets. In other words the more afraid you are, the more likely you are to be targeted by the Creeper, who eats only various parts of each victim before stitching the bodies together to make a grisly tableau as he did in the first movie. Of course not all the body parts go into his artwork. Some end up in his weapons.

Recall that his shurikens tend to have teeth in them, and that their lethal tips are made out of bone. Of course it’s not really known if he uses the bones of his victim or something from his own body, but you can imagine that it’s grisly all the same. If the Creeper is coming back, and everything seems to point to that at this moment, you can imagine that it might be an epic battle at this point. If you’re wondering why then you might need to watch the third movie. At this point he’s been feasting on people for a long, long time, and no one has ever found a way to kill him. Of course no one has really tried to kill him using his own weapons, but then since they seem to mind his commands that would be nearly impossible it seems. However, now that it seems that those that survive the third movie know what he is and how to kill him, possibly, the Creeper is suitably enraged, and will no doubt go on the hunt as soon as he’s able.

Despite only the first one really being that great, the fourth installment could be something on the epic level if it’s done right.

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