Every Single Logan, Wolverine Easter Egg And X-Men Timeline

Now that Logan is out in theaters all bets are off when it comes to Easter eggs, spoilers, leaks, or whatever way you’d like to classify the release of new information and revelations about anything Wolverine related.   If there’s one outlet we like to turn to when it comes to breaking down movie trailers and other reveals from movies, Mr. Sunday Movies never seems to let us down.  But this time the Youtube Channel went out of its way to extend beyond the trailer universe to do a full analysis of Logan, the Wolverine character, and X-Men ties.

Mr Sunday has made a spoiler-filled roundup of Logan‘s Easter eggs, references, and cameos linked to the comics, the other films, and character histories. He also tries to make sense of Logan‘s convoluted timeline and how it may fit with the other X-Men movies. Although would it really be an X-Men movie if the timeline made total sense? (via Uproxx)

Also, the video starts off beautifully by actually going into what made Logan such a solid movie.  If you’re going to watch spoiler video about Logan, this is the one to see.

Here is a video of all the Logan Easter Eggs, References, Things Missed, plus a timeline explanation and a bunch of other stuff relating to the X-Men and Wolverine, Old Man Logan and a whole lot more.

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