Every Titan Ability Change Coming to Destiny 2 in Season 15 (So Far)

destiny 2 titan abilities

Well, Bungie has outdone themselves yet again with the latest This Week at Bungie blog post. We knew ahead of time that this week’s entry was going to be pretty chunky, thanks to a heads up from one of our favorite community managers, dmg04, earlier in the week, but this one was so meaty, in fact, that it took about five minutes longer to actually load onto the site than usual. While this isn’t a huge deal to many, some other games journalists (*ahem* Tassi *ahem*) have turned any TWAB delays into a meme at this point. This post was all about the ability changes coming to Destiny 2 in Season 15, which is set to start on August 24, in just a few short weeks. So, what changes can you expect to come to all of your favorite Titan subclasses in the next season of Destiny 2? If you’d like to check out the official TWAB, you can do so right here!


Right off the bat, Bungie’s got some fantastic changes to the melee ability keybinds for players. Coming in Season 15, Bungie is finally introducing separate melee actions, which is a feature that Destiny 2 players have been asking to have for so long now. This means that you will finally be able to bind your charged melee ability to a different input than your uncharged melee. If this was the full TWAB, I think we would have all been more than satisfied. Here’s a bit to know about the new melee actions:

  • Melee attacks trigger as soon as the button is pressed, not when it’s released. Melee attacks don’t wait to see if you’re still holding the button before starting. This means you can’t set any of the melee actions to a long-press or double-press input.
  • Game controllers have a limited number of inputs, so you may need to get creative with how you map your controls.
  • If you assign charged melee and uncharged melee to the same input, it will always prioritize the charged melee over the uncharged melee, which is the opposite behavior of the auto-melee action.

General Abilities

Stasis Freeze

In an effort to make Stasis less frustrating in PvP, Bungie will be implementing the following changes regarding Stasis freeze:

  • Frozen players can now initiate breakout while airborne.
  • Shortened breakout animation and camera transition.
    • This means that once you decide to break out, you’ll be able to fight back sooner.
  • Differentiated long freeze and short freeze visual treatment to make each status easier to identify.

Slip ‘n’ Slide

  • While sliding, players now incur the following weapon penalties:
    •  -20 stability
    • +15% shotgun pellet spread
    • 1.5x flinch

Titan Ability Changes

Rally Barricade

  • Standing behind the Rally Barricade now also provides the following weapon buffs:
    • +30 stability
    • +10% range
    • -50% flinch

All Barricades

  • Players moving at high velocity now take more damage when moving through hostile Titan Barricades.
  • Barricades now slightly protrude into the ground to better protect the Titan’s feet on uneven ground.
    • This should reduce instances where explosions and projectiles are able to sneak through the bottom of the Barricade and hit the Titan.


  • Cryoclasm
    • While equipped, base slide now shatters crystals and frozen enemies.
    • Increased duration of screen FX notifying players that Cryoclasm long slide is ready from 1 second to ~4.5 seconds.
  • Shiver Strike
    • Increased movement speed by 25%.
  • Whisper of Rime
    • Fixed a bug where the overshield provided by Whisper of Rime was not scaling precision damage correctly.

Middle-Tree Sunbreaker

  • Throwing Hammer
    • Increased time before hammer explodes after hitting the ground from 6.5s to 10s.
    • Increased damage vs. powerful PvE combatants by ~50%.

Top-and-Bottom-Tree Striker

  • Fists of Havoc
    • Increased slam detonation radius by 14%.
    • Reduced slam damage falloff.
    • Reduced slam attack activation cost from 21% to 18%.

Middle-Tree Striker

  • Inertia Override
    • Increased duration from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
    • Sliding over an ammo brick now grants 20% melee energy.

Note: Bungie does say that this change will be balanced out by another change that they haven’t mentioned yet.

Top-Tree Sentinel

  • Ward of Dawn
    • Increased damage taken from bosses from 0.25x -> 7x (at 0 Resilience).
    • Damage taken can scale down to 0.25x based on the owner’s Resilience stat.

Those are all of your Titan ability changes coming to Destiny 2 in Season 15! While I’m sure that many non-Titan mains are going to be enraged at the thought of Inertia Override getting a buff, it is important to note that there will be a change coming that will balance this buff out, we just don’t know what that change is yet. I do also find it surprising that Bungie is increasing the amount of damage taken from bosses to a staggering 7x (up from .25x) at 0 Resilience. I’m hoping this makes boss fights a bit harder, but I’m still surprised at this change.

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