The Everyday Lives of Superheroes


When we go to the movies to watch out favorite Superheroes it’s to get away from the drudgery of our normal, working lives and see something spectacular.  It’s about seeing people do what we only wish we could do.  Have have you ever wondered what it’d be like if Superheroes were just regular people like you and me?  Like what if Superman had a job as a limo driver and he didn’t necessarily have any superhuman powers?  He was just a dude wearing a Superman cape driving a limousine.

When you add the element of costume and real life it winds up being pretty hilarious.  So in other words, I found some cool pictures of people in superhero costumes doing normal “human” things. Ugh, when you put it that way it seems kind of dull, but it’s still really funny.

Thanks to Dulce Pinzon for creating these.


Life ain’t easy for Catwoman and her kids


Should he just be able to punch his way through?  Guess not


The Flash actually has to compete in the marathon?  Say it ain’t so!


It’s a hard knock life Aquaman


May I escort you to the Gotham Night Club mam?


Can’t you at least look me in the eyes?  I saved you from the Joker!


Wonder woman hits up the Wonder Wash on 65th


This is how Robin feels all the time anyway


Watch out for falling beams!


I can stretch for your coffee madame


A moment of clarity


These flames got nothin’ on me!


Delivering at the speed of a bike


What Spider-Man was really meant to do.


How about I freeze your face you little maggot!

So there you have it.  If you were a Superhero who would you choose to be?  What kinds of everyday tasks would you speed up?  I think I’d like to be The Flash.  It’s a real pain taking the time to write these articles.  If only I could type at 1000 words a minute!

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