Everything We Know about Baby Driver 2 So Far

Baby Driver 2

Ryan Scott from MovieWeb confirms that there’s only a couple of things that we know so far about Baby Driver 2, and that’s the fact that it’s happening, there will be a different title, and it’s not likely to come out all that soon. Ansel Elgort has been confirmed to star in the next movie as is only fitting it would seem but even he isn’t saying much about it since he doesn’t know as much concerning what’s going to happen and when. At the moment though he’s kind of busy in the upcoming version of West Side Story that’s being pushed by Steven Spielberg and is set to become another standout hit.

It was kind of a pleasant surprise that Baby Driver was such a big hit since in many ways it almost seemed like a slightly more toned-down and realistic version of the Fast and Furious movies, but with a lot more armed robbery. When it’s all said and done however Baby is more of a specialist behind the wheel than anything else and isn’t quite as multi-talented as other movie drivers have been seen to be. But that doesn’t mean he’s without means or the know-how to get around since he was able to take out some of those that were trying to kill him in imaginative ways that turned out to be kind of gruesome in one case. In fact given that the people he was working with are all dead now it’s kind of hard to see just how a sequel would be made, but then again writers have taken dirt and made it into gold before, so it’s not too hard to think it can happen here.

The fact though is that the only character that was left out of the original cast was Jon Bernthal, and despite the idea that he might be dead, since if you watched the movie he actually said that if they didn’t see him again it would mean that he was dead, there’s still some hope that he’s kicking around somewhere. Eric Eisenberg of CinemaBlend seems to think he might make an appearance, or is at least theorizing that it could be possible, since there was no confirmation that he was in fact deceased. But given that he seemed to have something against Baby as well it’s kind of hard to think whether or not he’d be a friendly character or someone that Baby would need to stay clear of. Unlike Bats, Griff didn’t really have an open disdain for Baby, he simply wanted to know if he was able to man up when the time came. Bats on the other hand obviously didn’t care for Baby at all since he doubted his abilities and was ready to throw down at a moment’s notice.

Just for the mere fact that a sequel is being made though it’s obvious that Baby is either going to be drawn back into the criminal world or he’s going to have to interact with it again in order for the story to move forward. After all, Doc is gone, Buddy is gone, and without his foster father Baby is kind of adrift even with Debora in his life. The lure of the criminal life is no doubt going to be there since as we’ve seen more than once in the movies a person can’t just walk away so easily since there’s a very definite allure to the life of a criminal, an adrenaline rush that takes hold even if the individual doesn’t happen to care for the life. Baby might not have a choice one way or the other when it comes to doing something illegal, but it does feel as though it could cost him everything this time if the script dictates that he has to go back, which is almost an assurance.

One could argue that the movie might be a little different since the usual formula is akin to what we hear in the Godfather III, “Just when I thought I was out. They pull me back in.”. That seems to be the feeling of what’s going to happen and how Baby will be drawn back into the danger and the lifestyle that almost got him killed. But this time around, if Griff isn’t there, it’s a wonder as to who’s going to be trying to pull the strings and what kind of bad guy he’ll be forced to deal with this time. Doc wasn’t the worst since despite threatening to harm those Baby cared about if he didn’t do the job, he was also the one that stuck up for Baby when it came to Bats and Griff. Doc was kind of a complicated character because he did have a moral code that was used when he felt the need. But in this next movie it’s bound to be interesting to find out just who wants Baby to drive for them, and what the job will entail.

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