Everything You Need to Know About Cryosthesia 77K in Destiny 2

Destiny is full of so many very unique and very powerful weapons and armor known as “Exotics.” These weapons can range from things like Hand Cannons, Auto Rifles, DMR-like Scout Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Sidearms, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Fusion Rifles, Swords, and so many more. These Exotics give the game its unique “flavor” and are part of what makes Destiny so memorable. For players that want to grind out the latest-and-greatest god roll stats – Exotic armor gives them something to chase. For players that are more dead set on collecting every piece of gear – there’s a ton of Exotic quests that you can complete to earn these powerful weapons. With the beginning of a brand new Destiny 2 season (Season of the Splicer), we have a brand new Exotic weapon called the “Cryosthesia 77K,” so let’s talk about this new Exotic Sidearm!

Cryosthesia 77K

As I briefly mentioned above, Cryosthesia 77K is a brand new Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2. The weapon is the second Stasis gun – the other being the incredibly under-powered Grenade Launcher, “Salvation’s Grip” – but the thing about Cryosthesia 77K is that it’s a weapon with an elemental affinity that sits in the Kinetic slot. Weird, right? I was pretty unimpressed with what I thought this weapon was going to be, until I picked it up from the Season Pass and realized that it went into the Kinetic slot, which made it a heck of a lot more interesting. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only bit about the gun that seems to be useful. The perks on the weapon are as follows:

  • Polygonal Rifling
    • Increases Stability (Adds +10 Stability)
  • Particle Repeater
    • Increases Stability (Adds +10 Stability)
  • Liquid Cooling
    • Final blows with this weapon enable a Charged Shot for a short duration. Targets hit by this shot are instantly frozen at the cost of the weapon’s entire magazine.
  • Polymer Grip
    • Increases Handling Speed (Adds +10 Handling)
  • LN2 Burst
    • Variable Trigger: Press and release to fire individual shots. Hold to fire a Charged Shot when Liquid Cooling is active.

So, what really makes this gun special are the perks “Liquid Cooling” and “LN2 Burst” which allow the gun to instantly freeze targets when shot. Unfortunately, I just can’t get behind this gun when the only thing that makes it somewhat viable eats the entire magazine, especially when the magazine itself only has 12 shots. However, the Cryosthesia 77K catalyst does seem to remedy this a small bit.

Cryosthesia 77K Catalyst

The Cryosthesia 77K catalyst is unlocked after completing a quest given to the player by Banshee-44. The quest involves several objectives that need to be completed, including:

  • 75 Precision final blows
  • 50 Guardians defeated
  • 100 Combatants defeated

These first three objectives are fairly simple and don’t actually require you to use the gun, or even have it equipped, which is very nice and surprising for a catalyst quest. Unfortunately, the next steps are a bit tougher:

  • 200 Calibration Data generated
    • Complete strike playlists, Nightfall strikes, Gambit, and Crucible to earn Calibration Data
  • 50 Guardians defeated
    • You must use the Cryosthesia 77K in order to make progress on this objective
  • 100 Combatants defeated
    • You’ll just need to defeat a total of 100 enemies while using the Cryosthesia 77K in order to finish this step

If you want to grind the whole thing out now, be my guest, but you can always wait until you grab a couple of the catalyst boosts from the Season Pass to make the grind a little less time-consuming. After you complete the above objectives, you’ll need to head back over to Banshee-44 and he’ll have your Cryosthesia 77K catalyst ready and waiting for you to start completing! To actually complete the catalyst, you’ll need to defeat a total of 700 targets with the weapon, so get ready to become real familiar with everything about this gun as you go on your way to kill 700 more enemies with the gun. After you do this, you’ll be able to slot in the Cryosthesia 77K catalyst, which will upgrade the weapon to a Masterwork and allow it to generate Orbs on multikills and gain a tracker that displays the number of targets defeated with it. The catalyst will also give this sidearm the perk “Cold Efficiency” which states “Shattering a frozen target refills this weapon’s magazine from reserves.” It’s not a terrible catalyst, and definitely improves upon the gun’s base form.

Unfortunately, even with the catalyst, I just don’t see the Cryosthesia 77K being worth an Exotic slot. Maybe it’ll get buffed one day, but for now, I’ll stick to using better Exotics.

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