Ewan McGregor Lied about Obi-Wan Series This Whole Time

Obi Wan

As far as Meg Bucholtz of Looper and anyone else is concerned Ewan McGregor has been lying to for the last few years when it comes to whether or not there would be a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi project on the horizon. But if you look at it from another perspective it was wise idea to have him lie in this matter since honestly the chance of something leaking out and possibly tingeing the opinion of the public towards the show is way too great in this current time. The leaks have been seen to drive people into an even greater frenzy than the lie could possibly do since there’s bound to be more relief at this point that there actually will be a show and that people will be able to see one of their favorites from Star Wars in action again. There’s nothing really to tell about the show at this point other than that it’s coming and will be on Disney+, but you can imagine already that a lot of people are wanting to know the full details of just why McGregor held onto this secret for so long and how nothing ever slipped out that he might actually be returning to the one role that he’s made so great over the years.

A lot of folks will still give credit to Sir Alec Guinness for bringing the first version of the old Jedi Master to the screen, but it was McGregor that really turned people on to the character since honestly he’s been the best in the role, and he’s actually enjoyed it, since his character was still pretty young in The Phantom Menace. Back then we got to see him as a padawan and then someone trained as a fully-fledged Jedi. From that point on he became Anakin’s master and teacher and then his friend. The whole idea of Obi-Wan Kenobi has always been that he’s not really a saint or a sinner, but a far more realistic individual that knows when to take advantage of a moment and when to simply let the moment pass. You could say that he’s not the ideal peacekeeper but you can’t really say that he’s an overly violent individual since living on Tattooine for so long one has to realize that Kenobi would have to toughen up even more than his training might have allowed in the Jedi Order since during the years he was watching over Luke, he had to find a way to simply exist on a planet where villainy and strife were rampant, and he had to do so without giving into a tendency to make life better for anyone, or worse for that matter.

There is a book that was written about Kenobi’s time on Tattooine that would fit fully into the current canon and would show a little more depth to his character despite all we’ve seen thus far. It shows Kenobi during his beginning phase a hermit, but also as someone that’s having trouble simply walking away from the life of a man that was trained and taught to do something to help others when he saw the need. If that made it into the series then it would be great. But another part of the series that really needs to come along would be the final showdown between Kenobi and Maul, which has been shown in the animated series and discussed by Ro Sahebi of ThatHashTagShow, but would be absolutely epic in a live-action show if Disney decided to allow it. Along the way it might be possible, hopefully, to discover just what happened to Maul and what he’d been through during the years between his downfall and his quest to find the man that had effectively destroyed his reputation. That seems like kind of a pipe dream really but if Disney decided to relent it would be welcomed with open arms by a lot of fans without a doubt.

What comes when the show finally airs is hopefully going to be something that will follow the events of Revenge of the Sith since the monumental shift in the Force and the galaxy at large was enough to send a lot of Jedi into hiding and saw a lot of them simply exterminated, which is enough to think that Kenobi might be making a couple of trips beyond Tattooine if he can to discover who’s still out there. Like I said above though the details of the series haven’t been revealed yet so it’s possible the Mouse House will do things their own way, as you’d expect, and the story might get even crazier than anyone is expecting. If they’re really looking to honor the character and finally appease a lot of the fans however, no matter what the box office says, then it might be wise to finally stick to the story that’s been laid down.

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