Exactly What It Would Look Like if Grand Theft Auto V Were Real Life

I think these guys had me at “You never said you were having a Mexican Over.”  If there’s one game or gaming franchise you do not want cutting into real life it’s most certainly Grand Theft Auto.  But that’s exactly what we’ve been treated to recently with this video.   And it’s almost surreal because of how the video was made.   Using the Googel Tesela Appel VeRzine VR headset, which is the most advanced gaming component ever created, what we’re getting here is not only a taste of the future but potentially how people will be gaming from this point on.

This isn’t just a simple headset that allows you to see behind the eyes of a first person shooter or walking simulator, the GTA VR actually puts you inside the game.  Think of it as Grand Theft Auto VR.

The video above has been on fire.   Created by Corridor Digital, Steven Ogg (the real Trevor from GTA among other projects) absolutely kills it has his maniacal alter ego.   Just so you know, these VR glasses aren’t 100% real yet but it’s estimated they could be in about 10 years, which would be insane.

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