Facebook Orders Three Vice Shows: What are They?

A recent announcement has been made that Facebook has ordered a trio of new shows from Vice. In part, this is interesting because those new shows promise to provide interested individuals with something new to watch. However, it should also be noted that the ordering of the new shows provides some interesting insight into Facebook’s overall plans.

What Are the Vice Shows that Facebook Has Ordered From Vice?

First and foremost, Facebook has ordered a Vice show called The Scarlet Letter Reports. Like its name suggests, The Scarlet Letter Reports will focus on women who have been shamed and sexualized by the media as well as how they have coped with said experiences. However, what might be more interesting to a lot of people is the fact that it will be hosted by Amanda Knox, which is a rather appropriate choice because she was one such woman. After all, she spent close to four years in an Italian prison because of what turned out to be a wrongful conviction, which has resulted in other serious consequences such as the insolvency of her family because of the costs of helping her out as well as her being followed by paparazzi on a regular basis. As a result, it can be said that Knox is in an excellent position to understand what has been happening with the women who are going to be featured on The Scarlet Letter Reports, which should be considered a promising sign in its favor.

Meanwhile, the other two Vice shows will be Breaking & Entertaining and The Hangover Show. The first show will be an unscripted series that will see Vice providing people with unexpected makeovers of their homes. To be exact, a participant will throw a party that will make a huge mess in the home that they share with their roommates. After which, the clean-up crew will throw out the roommates, who have no idea what is happening, before presenting them with a redone home once they return. The second show will be hosted by a cook named Cara Nicoletti, who will be helping people with hangovers by providing them with information on the best ways to manage said condition while also making some of her favorite hangover foods in the process. Summed up, each of the three Vice shows has something to offer, meaning that interested individuals might want to check them out once they become available.

What Is Facebook Planning?

Facebook’s motives for ordering these Vice shows are simple and straightforward, not least because the Facebook leadership has not been secretive about them in the least. Simply put, Facebook wants to use its new content to build up its video platform. Partly, this is important for building up a viewership, who should be easier to convince to watch more content on the same video platform in the future. However, it should also be noted that Facebook is interested in getting more content producers to work with them, which is why it is so important for it to show how it can benefit Vice as well as companies like Vice. Based on this information, it should come as no surprise to learn that the three Vice shows are far from being the sole shows supported by Facebook, seeing as how it has ambitious plans that will need plenty of content to fulfill.

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