X Factor Set To Replace Judge Cheryl Cole

After months of denying that Cheryl Cole would be one of the four judges on Fox’s The X Factor and finally confirming that she would be on the panel at the start of this month, the British singer has been dumped by the show. This surprise move comes after reassurances that despite not being a big name in the States and that she has a strong regional accent, neither of these factors (no pun intended) would be a problem. Though clearly with this news of Cole being dumped unceremoniously from the show at least one of those things was, if not both. This comes off the back of last weeks appearance by the judges and hosts at the Fox upfront where all seemed fine (see photo, right).

Set to replace Cole is former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger who was already going to be one of the host’s of the programme and who has filled in as a judge on the British version of The X Factor, firstly when one judge Dannii Minogue was on maternity leave and again when Cheryl Cole had contracted malaria. Scherzinger was charming and had good chemistry with the other judges when she performed these duties and was widely praised by the British media, so it is no surprise that she has been chosen to fill this now vacant post. It also makes you wonder if this contingency plan was always in place if such a swift change would happen with the judges, as Scherzinger was set to host with Brit Steve Jones, who now looks to be flying solo on the hosting duties.

TMZ is reporting that it wasn’t just Cheryl Cole’s ‘thick’ accent that was an issue but that a lack of chemistry between the judges and particularly Cole and Paula Abdul was also a big problem. Out of the two judges Cole was the more expendable given her lack of name in the US and because of the so-called difficulties with Cole’s accent. To blame this all on an accent does seem a little far fetched and it looks like these other issues are more the cause of this surprise firing, a source has told US Weekly that:

“She [Cole] had already been tested countless times. Simon had nothing to do with it. This is the network’s doing.”

It has also been reported that the UK version of The X Factor would like Cole back, but that after this she unsurprisingly might want to end all ties with the franchise.

Only a weeks worth of auditions have been taped so far and it will be interesting to see how they will edit this in to the show that will premiere on Fox this September. Auditions in Dallas are set to begin tomorrow and all eyes will be on the judges who turn up to this and whether any comments will be made regarding this shocking upheaval.

What do you think? Are you surprised to see them make a change this early in the audition process? Glad to see Nicole Scherzinger take over judging duties? Let us know in the comments below.

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