Falling Skies 3.09 “Journey to Xilbalba”

For weeks now, we’ve watched and waited for the writers to use their considerable skill for weaving a tapestry of loosely related events into something coherent and magnificent. But alas they plodded along at a snails pace with character development and story arcs that seemed to go not very far if anywhere at all. Viewers have been looking forward towards something so Magnificent that it would lift  this wonderful science fiction show out of the melange of beige that it has wallowed in for the last 8 episodes and bring it bursting into the bright colors of human struggle and triumph. It appears that tonight the message is that we are on the precipice of having my prayers answered.xibalba1

Tom Masons return from Boston although welcomed was certainly not heartwarming and triumphant and reveals a more angry and darker Tom Mason. This transition seems to be foreshadowing events to come. We see Mason transformed from a cool collected charismatic leader to a battle addled soldier who is hanging on by a thread. Normally most characters who find themselves on such shaky ground also find themselves disposable usually more so once their story arc has completed its trajectory, however Tom Mason is the keystones to more than one primary storyline in the series. Being that he is a type of connector for the Falling Skies universe, there is probably something more in store for him than the fate of the usual character.

One of the strongerxibalba2 story lines has been the issue of the mole. At every turn the rebels make some pretty incredible sacrifices for some seemingly very little progress and recently they have had to deal with their progress undermined by comrades that have been infected by Espheni bugs that sever as surveillance to the alien invaders. This idea goes to the idea that the core of human existence is honest communication and once that breaks down our ability to make progress goes with it. It is important to point out the most dangerous mole was among the most trusted people in the camp. Lourdes, the camp doctor. This brings the point to mind that those who are the most trusted can do the most damage. A disconcerting fact given there are so many people who the camp leadership finds trustworthy

There is still ample doubt to go around. Weaver and Porter don’t trust Mason, Mason doesn’t trust anyone anymore. We know that Lourdes can’t be trusted. Nobody trusts the Volm. It seems the only ones we can trust in this mess is the Espheni, their actions are pretty straight forward about their intentions to take over the planet and wipe out the human race.

Tonights episode was the writers getting everything in order before the final episode. They did tonight what they’ve done so well all season long. They’ve used turmoil and adversity to strengthen the bonds of humanity as well as to build the resolve to vanquish ones enemies. At the end of tonightsxibalba3 episode on can almost hear the whispers “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”  The writers did their best to get us strapped in and ready for next week’s finale.

As an added bonus, I’m happy to report that Falling Skies has enjoyed its highest viewer ship ever and the benefit of which is an extended season for season 4. So instead of the usual 10 episodes we’ve enjoyed for the last 3 seasons we get 14 for season 4.That’s definitely something to look forward to.


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