Falling Skies – Six Reasons Season Two Will Rock

For SciFi fans, the real summer season starts this Sunday with the two hour premiere of Falling Skies kicking off on TNT at 9PM EST. But this is no ‘normal’ Season Two, not by a long shot. While Falling Skies successfully made it through its freshman season, found its fans, and ended with a cliff-hanger ending that ranks with the all time best, the Steven Spielberg shepherded production also gathered its share of criticisms along the way. Falling Skies Season Two PremiereEach season is written and filmed before a single episode airs, so there isn’t an opportunity for the Falling Skies crew to course correct based on viewer feedback. Keeping that in mind, it seems like the powers that be decided to address the criticisms with a house cleaning, bringing in Remi Aubuchon as the new show-runner. So without that 2-3 episode buffer that network shows have to tune up their game plan, Falling Skies gets one solid chunk of time to address its warts En Masse. And if you think I’m talking in suppositions here, check out this piece at IO9 which offers some insight on what went on behind the scenes leading up to Season Two of Falling Skies.

All of this might sound a little troublesome at first glance, but really this is one of the main reasons why I am looking forward to Season Two so much. Nothing is perfect, but when your baseline plot is a group of militarized survivors ducking Alien invaders and searching for a means to fight back it’s pretty hard to go too wrong. At its worst, Falling Skies gave us the tip of a really intriguing mythology as the Aliens and their methods became known and more distinctive, and the human dimension began to flourish. From everything we know so far about Season Two of Falling Skies it looks like Aubuchon’s plans will lead the series in exciting new dimensions. Beginning with:

1. So Resist, Dammit

If I had one complaint about Season One of Falling Skies it was that there were times where I didn’t really feel there was much resistance going on at all. The skirmishes mostly developed out of untimely run-ins with the Alien invaders. “Resist” seems to be the watch word in most of TNT’s promotional materials for the show, and from the looks of the promo below it looks like the survivors will be making a more aggressive attempt to fight back against the Aliens. The words of new show-runner Aubuchon are the most reassuring on this matter, when discussing his approach to Season Two he said “If the first season was about dealing with the trauma of an invasion and coping with their world being turned upside down, the second season is about surviving and dealing with a world at war, and discovering how you fit into it.”

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