Five Memorable Famous Movie Monologues Throughout History

Some of the most famous movie monologues in history are those that get your blood pumping and your emotions in an uproar as you watch, enraptured, and listen to every word that the actor has to say. What it is about the words and the emotions behind them affects everyone in a different manner, but there’s no denying that people do watch these moments as though they’re some of the most important moments to ever cross a screen. In many ways these inspirational moments are those that manage to spur people to do, say, and even dream of greater things than they’ve already accomplished in their lives. It is quite amazing to think that a movie monologue can charge the moment in such a way, but it’s entirely possible as anyone can see from these clips.

Here are just some of the best clips to ever have been created in any movie ever made.

5. Gordon Gekko – Wall Street

As detestable as the character seems to be Gordon Gekko does have a valid point when he talks about greed. There is a certain competition for everything in this world whether a person wants to see it or not. Each and every last organism that draws breath will eventually be greedy for something, and no matter what it is they will seek to have as much of it as they can get or however much they need. Greed is not always good but it is certainly a driving thought in the mind of human beings and is something that no one ever gets away from. The best we can do is temper it with some level of humility.

4. Rocky Balboa – Rocky Balboa

Knowing your own self-worth is one of the most important parts of being a functioning human being. Pointing the finger at others and at the world in general for your lack of success is not the way life was meant to be lived. Rocky knows very welly that life isn’t fair and it’s not a pleasant pursuit all the time. He had go through hell to get where he ended up and throughout all of it he kept moving forward, even when it took Adrian to steer him back in the right direction. This is a man that knows how to win, and knows that the pursuit is something that’s worth fighting for when a person really wants it.

3. Coach Tony D’Amato – Any Given Sunday

When the team is how you rise or fall, then the team is what is truly important. The person next to you on that team is what matters, the success or failure of the team is what matters. The six inches in front of your face when it comes to football is what matters. You dig, you claw, you scratch, and you tear yourself apart for those inches because you believe deep down that when all is said and done that the sacrifices that have been made for those inches will add up and make the difference between what you desire and what you can achieve. That’s more than a metaphor for football, it’s an explanation of life.

2. Sean Maguire – Good Will Hunting

Self-discovery is something that many people desire but few people have the courage to really get into. Yet some of those people will presume to know other and comment upon their lives without ever having known more than a snippet about them. The idea of knowing ourselves often brings strong, very core-driven emotions that can be frightening as well as enlightening. But in the discovery of such emotions and such drives it becomes evident just who we really are, and some people simply can’t face that since it means going back to being vulnerable, to being seen as somehow lesser in the eyes of another. In discovery of the self however it is possible to discover just how strong a person really is.

1. Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction

Now this is just cold-blooded. Jules isn’t a saint by any means but he’s definitely a sinner with an open mind. He punishes those he’s paid to punish and in doing so he lays down a monologue that he believes is just some very messed up stuff to say to a person he’s about to clip. But it’s interesting to realize near the end of the film just how he’s come to see his place in the world and what those words really mean. He’s the tyranny of evil men, the weapon that is used against the weak and the righteous alike. The fact that he’s figure this out makes him so much more than just a killer, it opens up a new level of the character that no one likely believed existed until then.

A good monologue can give you chills or make you feel things that you hadn’t felt in a very long time.

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