Fargo Racks Up Eleven Teaser Trailers


We’ve shown you one or two teaser trailers from FX’s upcoming Fargo miniseries, but I had no idea there were this many floating around out there. In fact, there are 11 in total on FX’s page, short little preview clips to give you an introduction to the show without revealing much of anything at all.

For those of you who still can’t quite wrap your head around what this miniseries will be, it’s an adaptation of the original Fargo where it does not stick to the plot exactly, as it has new characters and likely something resembling a new story as well. But it’s in the “style” of Fargo, the the Coen brother are intimately involved in the project.

You are more than welcome to watch all these trailers to see if you can extract any meaningful information from them, but I will probably be waiting until we see a full-length spot with some actual dialogue. At this rate, that may be a while.

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