“Fifty Shades Darker” Gets the CinemaSins Treatment

Giving Fifty Shades Darker the CinemaSins treatment is something that wouldn’t be wise to speak of in front of fans that happen to love this trilogy. But to be honest there are so many things that you can pick apart in any movie that it seems too easy and way too tempting to not do so. One reason that Fifty Shades Darker is so easy to pick apart is that for all that it’s supposed to be a love story it does come off as kind of creepy and even misogynistic in several ways. Apparently Christian Grey is supposed to be changing as he gets to know Anastasia more and more, but he still seems to be the same possessive person he started out with and is intent on staying that way.

Plus, with all the talk of feminism in this day and age guess who’s still going to see these movies and reading the books thinking that because it’s their fantasy that it’s okay? Okay that was kind of a low blow but still, if there are women out there that are going to condemn this kind of behavior, and there are, going to watch the movie and getting into the books is the height of hypocrisy. Really, the guy treats Ana as though she’s his property for a good deal of the movie and yet she continues to take it like it’s no big thing. She stands up for herself a few times but for the most part she seems content to be run by Mr. Grey and not say so much as “Excuse me?”.

To each their own and all that but this movie is riddled with inconsistencies that stem from Ana not knowing whether she wants to be with Christian until he’s right up against her and kissing her, at which point it seems to become okay again. Plus with all the things they’ve done in the first and second movie to think that there’s a spot that she can’t touch him, as it’s deemed off limits, is kind of absurd really. It’s like telling a person they can eat meat but that they have to leave a certain portion of the meat alone because it’s off-limits. Really, it makes about as much sense.

This is the kind of movie where you absolutely HAVE to read the books to really know what’s going on. If not then you’re likely to be confused the whole way through and wondering just what everything has to do with everything. While a lot of people might like these movies, and I know they do, Fifty Shades Darker never seems to get much darker, just more confusing and more likely spawn a sequel that’s going to ramble on and on until whoever’s watching it gets tired enough to wait for the tepid love scenes and then call it a night. It’s kind of cynical to say so, but this movie could have used a serious injection of drama that didn’t drag out for twenty or minutes at a time. Even a jilted lover attacking Ana or Christian might have done the trick.

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