Finn and Han Solo to Appear in Star Wars Animated Series “Forces of Destiny”

Everyone’s favorite smuggler and Mr. “Big Deal” are not quite through with each other just yet. Despite the heart-rending loss of Solo in the movie the smuggler will be making his way back to an animated feature called Forces of Destiny that will supposedly fixate upon the female characters of the franchise far more than anyone else. That’s okay really since Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey, is poised to become the next big thing in the franchise it would seem since she is one of the only remaining characters that has any connection to Luke Skywalker. In the meantime Boyega, the guy that tends to run his mouth a bit too much, will be voicing his own character in the series.

You kind of have to wonder whether this animated series was already in the works when Solo bit the dust or if it was in response to people’s outrage that he was there and gone after we’d all waited so long to see him again. The “one and done” move in the new installment of the franchise was kind of a cheap shot that most people were vaguely offended by since getting rid of a beloved character in such a horrible way was hardly what anyone expected and sparked outrage across the internet.

But people have been getting over it, and seeing Han Solo appear in an animated feature might help to assuage the hurt even more considering that fans are now looking forward to a Solo-less Star Wars and an end to Princess Leia’s role as well. It’s understood that things need to change or stagnate, but letting go of certain characters certainly seems to call for more fanfare than a mere lightsaber through the gut. Even Finn got a little more dramatic exit despite the fact that he’s still alive. And that of course brings us to Boyega.

He’s a talented actor for certain, and he’s definitely on the rise, but he needs to kind of temper his words a little more. It’s not a matter of putting anyone down or excluding anyone. It’s a matter of being grateful to be a part of one of the greatest franchises in history and understanding that you could easily be replaced at any time. Truly, Boyega doesn’t seem to understand that his role is not permanent yet. There’s so much going on in Star Wars right now that he could easily find his character being snuffed as a matter of expedience or simply because he wants to be a jerk and keep running his mouth.

It’s not about keeping anyone down or trying to discriminate at all, it’s about being the kind of guy that can still lend voice to his concerns but do so in a way that doesn’t spark so much controversy. Problems can be solved without statements that are bound to upset a truckload of people, fans included. The fact that Boyega is still on the cast and there aren’t rumors of Finn being given the cut says that he might have calmed down by now or that he’s learning when and how to present the issues he cares about.

In any case no one wants him to go anywhere yet. He’s already proven to be a decent character and we’d like to see where Finn goes from here.


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