First Same-Sex Kiss in Marvel’s Eternals is Getting Backlash

Quite a few people already know where they stand when it comes to promoting a same-sex kiss happening in the MCU and despite the backlash that has already started to build it’s easy enough to roll your eyes and wonder why this is the only thing being fixated on when thinking about the upcoming movie The Eternals. If anyone remembers, the live action version of Beauty and the Beast was targeted for a ‘gay moment’ as well and to be fair it was a blip on the radar, there and gone so quickly that it was hard to notice if a person was enjoying the movie. But the MCU is changing like everything else, and unfortunately there are many people out there that resist change on the daily and will rant and rave should anything they don’t like happen to cross the screen. That would definitely include a same-sex kiss on screen since it’s bound to be at least noticeable if not prolonged depending on the situation. Something indicates however that it’s not going to be the main focal point of the movie and could actually be a moment that’s meant to convey feeling and emotion, but not dominate the story line. That likely doesn’t matter to a lot of people as Corey Chichizola of CinemaBlend has reported that many people have actually decided to sign a petition calling for the banning of this movie from theaters.

I’ll be honest, as a straight individual, sorry but I won’t bend and call myself cis, heterosexual maybe but not cis, I don’t care to see gratuitous love scenes during various movies since despite the emotion and meaning that are packed into them. In reality they can become kind of a distracting moment in the movie that’s there basically to give the audience something arousing to look at. But in terms of giving a kiss or even getting passionate with each other there’s nothing to really worry over since if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s amazing how many people fail to realize that if they don’t care to watch two men kissing then they don’t need to watch. Avert your eyes, find something else to focus on for that brief moment of passion, but banning the movie outright for such a thing is ridiculous. There’s a word for trying to ban something simply because you don’t like it, and I do believe it’s called fascism. Some might want to argue that point but the truth is that censorship has been practiced by so many in recent years, on both sides of any issue, that the word ‘fascism’ has become a bit played out and the ideas behind it are becoming almost nonsensical in a way. Allie Gemmill of Collider has more to say on the subject.

The main point of all of this should be: if you don’t want to see it, then don’t watch it. But that point gets lost in the storm of idealism, societal values and norms, and hypocritical malarkey that continues to drive the charge against moments that might mean something to those making the movie and those that see it as a monumental shift, but should be just another part of the movie to those that want to enjoy the overall experience. Such simple ways of going about things however hasn’t been how people have been looking at life lately and it’s not about to change in the near future since the whole idea of bringing anything of the LGBTQ+ community into the MCU is going to be fought tooth and nail. Callie Ahlgrim of Insider has something interesting to show to thoe people that might not think that Marvel has already embraced the LGBTQ+ community. Some would gladly say that so long as it’s not forced upon people as much as a few feminist agendas have been in the recent past it might not be that bad, and in fact if might give the MCU a new depth that could be a positive move forward. But of course there will always be those that see the worst and don’t want to admit that a change could be positive if given a chance. At this point the movies are becoming a product of political or societal agendas as well or are being dragged back into such arenas simply by dint of their content. Having two men kiss in an MCU movie shouldn’t be garnering this much backlash, but once again, people are going to be people and are bound to do anything to have their say.

I and many others have one thing to say to anyone that has an issue with injecting a bit of real life in the movies: GROW UP. It’s true that not everyone is going to agree that a same-sex kiss is going to be something they fully agree with, but the reality here is that it’s happening whether folks want it to or not, and people do have the ability to watch the movie or simply stay home. Disney likely won’t miss anyone that wants to protest over this.

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