First Teaser Trailer for Damon Lindelof’s HBO Show, The Leftovers

If you were watching Game of Thrones last night, chances are you saw the brief preview that aired before it. It was for Damon Lindelof’s new Rapture-based show, The Leftovers. In it, 2% of the population of the planet simply disappears, presumably as a result of the biblical rapture. Or at least something pretending to be the biblical rapture, if I know Lindelof.

The teaser doesn’t show too much, and is mostly a discussion of just how many people 2% of the population really is. I’m  having trouble getting a sense of tone for the show. The announcer sounds a bit lighthearted for the source material, and “The Leftovers” sounds like an Adam Sandler movie.

I have faith in HBO and Lindelof however, so this will probably be worth watching. I don’t believe it premieres until June, so we’ll have to wait a while to find out how it’s going to go. Between this and the upcoming Left Behind movie (with Nic Cage, no less), it seems like the rapture is cool these days. Kirk Cameron called it!

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