First Teaser Trailer of FX’s Fargo with Billy Bob Thornton

I’m pretty excited for FX’s Fargo miniseries given the talent involved and the channel it’s on. I think it’s sort of like television coming full circle, adapting a universally praised Oscar winning movie like Fargo, and attracting such fantastic actors to it.

The show stars Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, and is an adaptation of the original. We’re getting our first look at the show in a new teaser trailer called “scrape” where Thornton’s grifter, Lorne Malvo, scrapes off the windshield of his car. It’s cold in the midwest, I can personally vouch for that.

Fans of the original will note that “Lorne Malvo” isn’t in the original film, and is a character that seems to somewhat be a combination of the two thugs famously played by Steve Buscemi and Peter Stromare. In truth, nearly all the characters have been changed for the adaptation, though it will follow the same overall structure.

Looking forward to more past a thirty second teaser, but it’s a start.

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