Five 80s Bands We Really Want to Comeback or Just Play Their 80s Tracks Over and Over

There seems to be something about the 80s that people wantto bring back, almost as though they want to start over somehow or go back and listen to the tunes that got them through the decade. Given the current state of things in the modern era it’s not hard to figure, though even Tammylynn Thompson from Musing on Music would have to agree that the new artists coming up won’t be able to shoulder the whole burden of bringing the feel of the 80s back. There are a good number of bands that are still active and still tour despite their advancing years and the fact that their popularity has waned next to the rising stars of the era that have taken over.

These days the best place to find their music is on Spotify or any other music service that carries a wide selection of music. But wouldn’t it be great if a few of these bands decided to stage a comeback and return to the prominence they once held?  Or how about ones that play too much new stuff and they just went all 80s again?  Like I said some of them are still touring, but the venues are nowhere near as grand as they used to be back in their prime.   In any event, let’s get into it.  Here are five 80s bands that we just want back, in their 80s glory.

For the record two of these bands definitely still exist and still rule (and presently tour) but we want the 80s versions back.  If only they’d JUST play their 80s hits.  Kind of like Billy Joel does at the Garden.  Nothing wrong with that…….

5. Duran Duran

FYI this is NOT a knock on Duran Duran.  If anything it’s the opposite and our desire for a certain type of music to be more prevalent. There have been a few setbacks and a few roster changes throughout the years but Duran Duran has kept going throughout it all.  They are still thriving.  Don’t get us wrong.  4 original members are still in the band and they are still touring but 80s Duran Duran is unmatched. In the 80s they were a band that was on the lips of just about everyone at one point or another since they were considered to be one of the most popular and, thanks to the 80s, one of the most prominent bands around. The decade was well-known for pushing bands that had certain sounds, especially if they were able to draw a crowd.  Yes they had a “comeback” in the 90s but let’s face it, we need 80s Duran Duran back.  90s Duran Duran was somewhat morbid and depressing.  Those that have seen them perform lately love them but we can guarantee they love them MORE when 80s tunes are played.

4. Depeche Mode

Same thing as Duran Duran here.   Nothing compares to 80s Depeche Mode, period.  In the case of the 80s there’s actually a theory as described by Shaunacy Ferro in Popular Science that explains why 80s reseach into bands is so prevalent and Depeche Mode is an example of this. A lot of kids actually develop a fondness for the types of music their parents loved back in the day since it’s likely that they were listening to this kind of music growing up. It makes a lot of sense, you connect with what you remember the most.  Granted, these guys are legends but we just want the 80s Depeche back.  They’ve changed considerably in the last 30 years.  Still great, and still incredibly creative and instrumental, but come on.  80s Depeche Mode ruled.

3. The Go-Go’s

They’ve teased comebacks numerous times but nothing’s ever been official.  Belinda Carlisle still gets out there and performs year around but as far as the entire band getting back together for an entire album?  That just hasn’t happened yet.  We may only get sporatic appearances from them on awards shows from this point forward.  Still though, fans are clamoring for a new album.  At least, we are.

2. The Bangles

This band has been fun to listen to throughout the years and has been blast of welcomed nostalgia when someone does find the time to play it. They had some of the biggest hits in their time and were played over and over in some cases, almost to the point that people became sick of them. But overall they were such an engaging group that it’s easy to see just how they might be capable of making a comeback if they really tried. Age might be what’s keeping a lot of these bands back from going all out, but one last hurrah would be awesome.

1. Eurythmics

There’s something about this band that’s just undeniably special since they came up with one of the most iconic songs ever. In fact Marilyn Manson got a hold of this song and turned it into a heavy metal number and while it was a lot louder and more aggressive it didn’t really lose the impact that it had in the original version.  Sure Annie Lenox has had a great solo career but to this day we don’t think anything she does matches the power of when she was part of The Eurythmics.

It might not be possible to see a huge comeback any longer, but it would be great if it could happen.  Speaking of which, we need 80s U2 back, badly.  Also, there are probably 500 other bands we need back from the 80s but this is a start.


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