Five 80s Movies That Shaped The Hairstyles of the Times

It could be said that it’s odd how the hairstyles from 80s movies, or any decade in fact, could influence anyone living in those times, but it’s very evident that it’s happened. People want to look like the movie stars as much as they can and in wanting this they will attempt to achieve such looks by any means. Sometimes the 80s looks were fads that were gratefully gone and forgotten by the time the 90s rolled around, but some of them managed to stick around for a while and even evolve as the 90s took them a little further. Some of the styles that came about in the 80s weren’t too bad since they were fashionable and actually made the stars look pretty good, but others were horrendous and in some cases just serious fashion no-no’s that thankfully made their way out stage door left before they could become a real trend.

Here are some of the hairstyles inspired by 80s movies.

5. The Goonies

Cyndi Lauper had her own style that’s for sure. But her wild hairstyle and her signature look was enough to inspire a lot of adolescents and adults throughout the 80s into looking like spiky-haired oddballs that enjoyed what they were doing and just wanted to have fun, if you get my drift. It’s funny how she’s said to have had so much to do with the Goonies when in fact she only showed up for a few seconds in the film and she was really used more as a part of the setting. She did perform a song that was specifically for the movie though despite the fact that it showed WWF, not WWE yet, stars throughout it’s length.

4. The Breakfast Club

There’s really only one hairstyle that was picked up and emulated from this film but you could argue that Judd Nelson’s do inspired people as well. Molly Ringwald though was the queen of the teen movies in the 80s and just about everything she did, said, wore, or did with her hair was popular because, well….it was MOLLY RINGWALD. She was at that time probably worth at least three or four of the teen stars that we have today since she was one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood when it came to teen movies. As her fame began to wane however she did go away forĀ  a while. But in her heyday she was one of the women that every girl wanted to be like.

3. Coming to America

The Jheri Curl came out in the 80s and thankfully it was ending by the 90s. This was a very distinctive hairstyle since it was worn primarily by black men that wanted to give their hair volume and give it a new smooth and slick look. The only problem with Jheri Curls however, well, besides everything, is that it needed constant maintaining to keep up the curls. Plus the act of actually getting the hair to curl like this required a treatment that, admittedly, was only necessary a couple of times a year, but was done with caustic agents that actually fried the hair in some cases. So it was kind of like damaging your hair to make it look great.

2. When Harry Met Sally

Poofy hair was a big thing in the 80s, along with big shoulder pads that made women look like linebackers in snazzy business suits. The biggest problem is that when one’s hair is washed and cleaned regularly a lot of people won’t enjoy this kind of frizz all on their own, which means it has to be teased, permed, and set with hairspray in order to achieve this kind of lift. That’s not only spendy if one goes to the salon to do it, but it’s also harmful to the hair and scalp if it’s done too often. Plus no one really wants to gag on the fumes that hairspray produces sometimes which makes this kind of do less appealing if that’s how it’s achieved.

1. Flashdance

The big, frizzy hairdos were definitely a thing in the 80s and for some reason a lot of women took to them easily even if they were in professions or situations where they had to be extremely active and would sweat a lot. Think about it, you have hair ringing your face, soaking up sweat, and then as you move it falls all over if you don’t have it bound up. It’d be like getting slapped in the face repeatedly a wet sheepdog’s fur if you weren’t careful. But hey, women liked it, and even some men got in on the big frizz look if you take a look at some of the music videos of the time and the big hair bands.

People had some strange hairstyles in the 80s, but thankfully some of them have toned down over the years.

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