Five Actors Who Could Play Steven Bannon in a Movie

To say that things have been crazy since the election of Donald Trump as president would be a gross understatement. There has never been such a polarizing figure in the White House. Not even the election of Barack Obama as the first United States President of African descent created this much backlash. People have criticized everything from his hair and skin color to the fact that he seems to have no true relationship with his wife.

While most of the criticism is centered around superficial issues that have very little to do with his ability to successfully lead this country, there are some issues that are at the core of the question that many Americans are asking about his competency and even loyalty to this nation. There is the probe into his involvement with the Russians and his determination to ban entry of Muslims into the country. But, the most intriguing issue of all his chief strategist and the person who many people believe is pulling the strings, Steven Bannon. Bannon has become a major influence in D.C. politics and will most likely be a target of post-Trump movies and television specials.

Following is a list of the five actors that would best portray him in a movie.

1. George Clooney

George Clooney not only has the range to play a character like Bannon, but he has the ability to tap into the darkness that many people believe exist inside Bannon. Clooney has a resume that supports his ability to get into character in such a way that the audience becomes embedded in the story completely forgetting that they are dealing with a movie. There will likely be many stories to be told from Bannon’s perspective, and Clooney leads the charge of actors who can pull it off.

2. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is another actor who not only has the resume that proves that they have the reach to pull off a character as complicated as Bannon, but he has the natural nuances of his own personality that will add to the development of the character. Baldwin will be able to present both sides of Steven Bannon in a way that will provide the audience with perspectives that they have not yet considered.

3. John Travolta

When it comes to being able to be loyal to a particular belief system, John Travolta has been extremely loyal to the Church of Scientology, to a fault. When his experience with this type of loyalty is conjoined with his exceptional talent as an actor, he is more than equipped to play the role of Steven Bannon — providing a level of explosiveness that very few actors can.

4. Robert De Niro

There is no doubt that Robert De Niro will go down in history as one of the best character actors that Hollywood has ever seen. Not only will he provide color to the character but he will also provide a significant amount of depth — revealing certain nuances that cannot be viewed on the surface. De Niro will show the world a side of Bannon they never knew existed, and he will make them like it.

5. Russel Crowe

Not only will Russell Crowe provide an eerie resemblance to Bannon, but he has the ability to provide the edge to the character in a way that not many actors can. He has the ability to provide an appearance of the character that will be unyielding in its presentation of what Bannon represents at the core. The coldness and the calculative nature of Bannon will be drawn out by Crowe — delivering a chilling presentation of the role.

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