Five Actors Who Could Play Bode Miller in a Movie

Retired American downhill skier Bode Miller has had a rather tumultuous year. It’s only been that long since Bode and his wife Morgan lost their 4-year old daughter to a drowning accident. Since that tragic time, the Millers also welcomed another child and a set of twins into the world. Bode’s personal life is just as captivating as his public life, and it’s something that many people would probably like to see on the big screen at some point. If we were ever hired to cast the role of Bode Miller in a film about his life, here are five actors whom we would hire for the part.

1. Chris Pratt

There’s no denying the transformation that took over Chris Pratt in the last few years and how it’s been magical in some way. Pratt has been all over Hollywood lately. He’s been a pivotal character in the highly successful Avengers series as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy series. He’s also surprisingly been great in the reboot of the Jurassic Park series. Pratt may not be the best actor around, but he’s surely turned his career around by becoming one of the industry’s best leading men. If he were ever to play Bode Miller in a film, Pratt wouldn’t have to change much of his looks. He can keep his current athletic build and basically just keep his face as well. Pratt looks strikingly similar to Bode Miller. And given his dedication to his craft, we’re sure that Pratt would be more than willing to learn how to ski like an Olympian. He’s Starlord, after all, so we know he can definitely manage.

2. Chris Hemsworth

Leave it to us to list another Avenger to play the role of an Olympian. It’s also just coincidence that he happens to be another “Chris.” Chris Hemsworth is rumored to be retiring from Hollywood in order to spend more time with his family. However, we believe that a project such as a Bode Miller film could be enough to pull him back into the industry. Hemsworth is one of the most talented actors of his generation, and it would be a huge loss to Hollywood if he does indeed retire for good. The actor is still young, so we believe there’s hope for us all yet. Hemsworth would be perfect to play the role of the skier for many reasons. First off, he’s incredibly athletic already. Next, Hemsworth can carry an emotional plot better than the “other Chris” could. Last, he’s done enough biopics in the past to know what playing a nonfictional character is truly like. We’re crossing our fingers to see this really happen in the future, but truth is we’re really just hoping that Chris Hemsworth won’t retire—ever.

3. Ryan Gosling

We’re big Ryan Gosling fans, and we think he’s the type of actor that can really pull anything off. However, we’ve never really seen Gosling do much of any films about sports. He definitely doesn’t seem like the athletic type, but he seems like the type that would be up for an acting challenge any day. Bode Miller’s life is laden with triumph after triumph, but it’s also been inflicted with the deepest tragedy. Gosling has the emotional depth and ability to portray anyone’s tragedy, and we believe he would give Miller’s story justice. It also helps that he looks similar to the former Olympic athlete. The biggest challenge here would probably be all the athletic parts, but there are plenty of talented stuntmen out there that can handle all the risky parts. At any rate, any Gosling film is an almost instant classic. He’s as talented as they get, and Bode Miller truly deserves nothing less.

4. Miles Teller

We’re wondering where Miles Teller has been lately given that he hasn’t done anything since 2017. But a quick view of his IMDB profile shows that he’s got a few films currently in postproduction. That list includes the much-awaited Top Gun 2: Maverick, where Teller plays the role of Bradley Bradshaw. We also know that just because Teller wasn’t acting doesn’t mean that he wasn’t doing anything else. In fact, Teller recently just got married to his long time girlfriend, and he’s also invested in a few opportunities. We’re certainly glad that Teller is going right back into the action soon, especially since he’s such an incredible actor. Some of the roles he’s had in the last few years have been nothing short of impressive (Whiplash, for instance). It would be great to see Teller onscreen, except he would have to die his hair blonde to play the role of Bode Miller in a film. Teller is just about the right build and height to play the part of the athlete, but he would have to make himself just a tad more believable as an Olympian. We know he can do action from his previous role in Fantastic Four, and we also know he can carry drama. Teller would be nothing but great as Bode Miller.

5. Ansel Elgort

He’s young, and he’s happening. Ansel Elgort is the face of young Hollywood today. While he may not be able portray Miller as he is today, Elgort will be great to play the role of the athlete when he was younger. Elgort exhumes natural talent and charm. He’s an amazing actor, and he’s already impressed us at such a young age. In addition, Elgort has already tackled a few genres in his career—romance, drama, action, and suspense. These are images that come to mind when we think about a Bode Miller film. The excitement and the rush of Bode Miller’s life is something that Elgort could certainly portray. It would also be interesting to see Elgort play the role as Miller begins to get older. We can’t imagine Elgort being older just yet, but this would be an interesting part for him to play. It would certainly be a good test of his acting skills.

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