Five Actors Who Should Play Albert Einstein in a Biopic

Albert Einstein is one of the many characters in history is someone that seems like he might have been kind of a surprise to many since he came across as someone that was highly intelligent and, despite the popular myth, was quite astute as a student and did start teaching himself at one point since he did tend to clash with the status quo at times. He was a free thinker that challenged a great deal of ideas that were far more popular than his own, but he was also one of those that helped to change the world in a very big way through good sense and very well-respected truths as has been stated in many ways by writers such as Richard Panek of the Smithsonian Magazine. Who would be able to play him is a fun idea to play with since there a great number of individuals that could possibly fill this role, but it would need to be someone that could act and would be able to seen as a rather eccentric character that could still make the people either love or hate him depending on how the man was represented by the writers.

Here are just a few actors that might be able to pull such a role off.

5. Russell Crowe

This one is kind of obvious since Crowe has played the part of a genius in the past and has shown that he can portray a troubled mind and still make it believable since he was praised for it, as writer Edward Guthmann from SFGate might agree. The fact that he’s this good of an actor and because he’s respected on the screen if nowhere else, that’s subjective by the way, is why he would be a great enough choice to fulfill this kind of biopic. Plus, when you really look at it, Russell is the kind of actor that does put a lot into his role and kind of allows everything to just fall away until he’s off screen. In other words he’s there to get the job done and whatever happens later on isn’t really important.

4. Johnny Depp

It would seem to some folks that Johnny Depp is like box office poison at this point since his whole issue with ex-wife Amber Heard is something that has put him in a very unfavorable light for many people. And yet his films haven’t gone down in popularity because of that, but largely because of other reasons that might take up an entire article all on their own. When it comes down to matters of acting and fact you can easily see just how Depp has been someone that’s been an assurance that filmmakers have managed to utilize when they want their films to do well. Look at the latest installment in the Potterverse if you don’t believe that claim.

3. Ewan McGregor

McGregor isn’t exactly gold when it comes to the screen but he is reliable and he is incredibly steadfast since he can do just about anything and make it look great. He’s just as susceptible to bad writing as any other actor, but he still gives such a great effort that you tend to forgive the writers for the poor dialogue that Ewan is forced to account for. In every role though he does manage to make the audience believe, and rightly so, that he’s doing his absolute best and is holding nothing back. He’s seen as a great human being by a lot of people and a very outstanding actor by even more, which makes him right for a lot of roles.

2. Sam Rockwell

For as steady as he is on the screen Sam Rockwell is still something of a wildcard since as The Telegraph writer Tom Shone might agree, it’s never really known what he’s going to be like when he hits the screen. He can be absolutely hilarious or he can be entirely serious, or somewhere in-between. From his appearances on The Green Mile to The Way Way Back and everything that can be listed in between Sam has been something of a wild spirit that is there when you want to see him and is able to do just about anything that is put in front of him. He does kind of surprise people with what he can do, but it’s usually a very pleasant surprise since he’s got the kind of manic energy that he puts into his characters in order to make them memorable.

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is absolute gold at this point since he’s made the kind of comeback throughout the years that is nothing short of inspiring. The guy has also proven to be one of the best actors around no matter that his best lines used to come from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. His stock has been rising again and again since he finally found his way back to the big screen and it’s been an awesome sight to see considering that he’s one of the most fun actors to watch when he’s placed in something that he can excel at.

Any one of these men would be a great choice it seems.

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