Five Actors Who Should Play Anthony Bourdain in a Biopic

Anthony Bourdain was in the opinion of many people a great man that had done great things in his life and had a lot more to share with those that were willing to watch and learn. As a noted chef and TV personality he was one of those that people spoke of in glowing terms and had come to recognize as an entertaining and very knowledgeable man. He had his faults just like anyone as he admitted to heavy drug use in the past, but for the most part the material he put forth on TV was nothing less than interesting and inspired. In many ways Anthony made people want to watch his shows simply because he took the ideas that were conceptualized out of the box and made them a lot more interesting for people who might never have tuned in to start with if not for his ability to teach them something new, whether it was disgusting or not. His passing, tragic and unexpected as it was, hasn’t dimmed his legacy all that much according to some, and if a biopic does come along it would be important to find someone to play his role that could do it a good amount of justice.

Here are a few picks that might work.

5. Christopher McDonald

Christopher is known to a lot of people as the bad guy, the jerk, the one you can’t stand but who plays the role so well that you can’t always imagine him as anything else. In terms of appearance he seems to fit the bill, but it’s also very well-known that he can be a nice person when he really wants to be and casting him as Anthony seems like it would be a great idea to bump his image in another direction. After all, a person can only go around being labeled as Shooter McGavin for so long, right? It seems to have worked for him throughout the years, but it does sound interesting to make him into a person that people would like.

4. Bryan Cranston

Cranston has played a lot of roles and he’s taken on a very controversial role when he played the part of Dalton Trumbo, the little-known screenwriter that clashed with Hollywood back in his days over his communist views over and over. Cranston is the type of actor that can take things to a new level whenever he’s asked, as he did in Breaking Bad for so long, and he’s one of the most reliable actors in the business since he can hit the switch and go bad or good depending upon what’s needed. His time on Malcolm in the Middle made him look like kind of a goofball, but then again his time in show business overall has shown just how great he can be.

3. Eric Roberts

Eric has for a long time been one of the kings of straight to DVD movies since the moment he steps on screen you kind of expect his voice to lower just enough that it seems as though he’s trying a bit too hard to impress the audience. But honestly and truly he is a good actor when he gets the right part and can wow the audience in a way that they don’t expect if they put their expectations on hold for a moment. For those that are too young to remember a lot of his movies it might be easier to accept him in such a role, but the only bit of hesitancy that would come with this selection has a lot to do with his past work and his penchant for getting a little too into his roles.

2. Ted Danson

This is kind of a no-brainer since Ted is one of those that has the look and he has the charisma as well. For a long time Ted Danson was one of the most charming and charismatic stars on TV and that hasn’t really faded with age since he’s still something of a charmer even as a white-haired older man. His Cheers days are long gone but he’s still someone that people love to watch since the attitude and confidence have never really taken off for greener pastures. Putting him in a role like this would no doubt be something that a lot of people might agree would be a good fit.

1. Hugh Laurie

He’s another actor that seems like a good fit for this role largely because of his attitude and his charm and also because he bears at least some passing resemblance to Bourdain or could be made to without much difficulty. Plus his acting style is so fluid and he’s got the kind of flair that is needed for this type of role. Among the names on this list he’d be the top pick largely because he’s just so much fun to watch and could possibly do a great service to the life of of Anthony Bourdain.

It would be an interesting biopic to say the least.

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