Five Actors Who Should Play Casey Kasem in a Movie

For anyone that doesn’t know who Casey Kasem was it might be time to brush up on your history, but it could also be because he was more of a voice personality than anything else considering that he was a DJ and the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo for quite a while. With that in mind it’s easy to see how a lot of people wouldn’t know who he is just from his name alone, but upon doing a little research on the guy people might be interested to learn about his background and why he was such a prized member of the show business crowd. There’s nothing to say that Casey would get his own movie but it could be interesting to see if someone took on this role in a movie that had to do with something in his life or something that involved him to a greater degree, since he did live a remarkable life and is worth talking about.

Here are a few of the men that could take on such a role.

5. Al Pacino

Going just by the appearance of the man as we see him in the picture above it’s obvious that at some point we’d be seeing Casey as he was when he started to get older and was well established in his career. That being the case, Al Pacino seems like he would fit the bill in a big way since he’s not only one of the best actors out there, he’s one of those that people love to see in just about anything, even if it’s one of the worst films of all time. Let’s face it, Jack and Jill was pretty bad, but thankfully his career has a lot more hits to it than the few true flops that he’s done, meaning that he’s still more than worthy of respect.

4. Robert De Niro

De Niro is another actor that’s kind of been quiet as of late since his appearances haven’t been all that great or he hasn’t been doing much except vilifying the current president as much as he can. But beyond all that he’s still a good actor and still deserves to be on the screen so long as he keeps politics out of it. His latest movie, in which he stars with Pacino and Joe Pesci, seems fit to be something interesting as it details the life of Frank Sheeran, commonly known as “The Irishman” and his relationship with the notorious teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa, who will be played by Pacino.

3. Johnny Depp

Depp has been through the ringer lately thanks to his continual feud with his ex-wife Amber Heard. He’s been painted as a villain, a horrible person, and even an overly aggressive individual despite the fact that there have been a few inconsistencies with Heard’s story. But in terms of his acting this doesn’t seem to affect his chances of doing a good job since he’s still one of the more popular and capable actors on the scene. His career has kind of slowed down throughout the last couple of years it seems like, but he’s still fully capable of taking on roles that might challenge or otherwise elevate him just a bit.

2. Steve Buscemi

In a lot of ways Steve Buscemi is one of the oddballs of Hollywood since not only does he look kind of odd but his roles sometimes require him to be off the wall or just kind of weird. But the great thing is that he plays this off so well that people have come to love his performances and it’s kind of obvious that he’s gained a massive reputation for being one of the best in the business because he takes his roles seriously and tends to create a character that is nothing short of convincing. There haven’t been a lot of roles in which Steve hasn’t been someone that can be dead serious but with a comical lean at times, and in every one of them he’s been great.

1. Ben Stiller

It’s possible that Ben might be the perfect choice simply because despite the fact that he is getting older, he could still pull off the look of a younger man a little better than the others on this list, largely because he still has a fairly youthful appearance that could be made to look younger thanks to CGI or other means. That, and he does have a very comical side that is offset by his ability to play a serious role. For those reasons he takes the top spot, but all in all it does seem as though anyone on this list could make a good accounting of Kasem’s life and make it work in a very big way.

Likely there would need to be a couple of younger characters to round out the movie, but otherwise those listed would be great choices.

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