Five Actors Who Should Play Jeffrey Epstein in a Movie

Jeffrey Epstein

It’s enough to make your head spin when you realize that folks like Jeffrey Epstein will likely never face the full measure of justice for the things they do thanks to money, influence, and the kind of power that they wield because of the first two reasons. Even were a movie to be made of this man and his sex trafficking practices it’s likely that he wouldn’t be too bad off since as a lot of us have likely seen or researched at this point, anyone that sits in such a high position doesn’t typically go to jail or become ruined overnight simply because they get in trouble. It’s true, some celebrities have gone to prison for a short term or for a longer period of time, but the ration between those that have met justice and those that have been given a mild slap on the wrist and a rebuke that only adds up to a bit of finger-wagging is the definition of uneven. Be that as it may you can only bet that a movie might be made of this since people love drama, no matter how disturbing it gets.

Here are a few men that might be able to pull off such an act.

5. Pierce Brosnan

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen Pierce in any big leading roles, but this one seems like it could be his if he tried for it since he could easily pass himself off as the man in question and he does have the kind of skills that would allow him to take on such a role. The one downside of playing this man is that the more serious fans and those that can’t seem to put any distance between reality and entertainment would likely look at any of the men on this list askance for a while and wonder how they could possibly bring themselves to portray a man that’s been accused and arrested for such heinous crimes. The short answer is that it’s a job.

4. Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is one of the most perfect chameleon actors around given that he can appear as just about anyone and doesn’t seem to have any trouble stepping into the shoes of any character he plays. He can be the villain, the support, and he could possibly be a heroic character if he had to be, but his level of skill is more than enough to take on the persona of someone that people will absolutely hate. Jeffrey is likely up there at this point when it comes to public opinion and it would be an easy thing for anyone taking on this role to become vilified on screen since the act of trafficking is, as many people would see it, one of the most evil practices the world over.

3. Tom Hanks

This would be a switch and a half wouldn’t it? Considering the fact that Tom Hanks was selected to play the part of Mr. Rogers this role, if he was selected, would be one that might confuse a lot of people as they would have to shift emotional gears very quickly and wonder to what extreme Tom would take this character. He’s been known for portraying so many people throughout his career, but few if any have ever been this bad since he’s almost always taken on the role of a man that’s either a reluctant hero or is mildly questionable at best. This would be a challenge it would seem, but likely one he could meet.

2. Hugh Laurie

This seems like a no-brainer since Hugh is the kind of guy that can affect an attitude unlike anyone and can switch back and forth between his normal accent English quite easily. With that in mind it’s also enough to say that he can play the sarcastic guy that wants to do good but he can also play the truly vile individual that you’d love to dropkick in the teeth a time or two just to shut him up. It goes to say that Hugh might be one of the most favored actors to play this part since he’s got the kind of acting chops that would make this role something special and rather well-suited for a man of his talents.

1. John Slattery

If you liked him in Mad Men then it’s possible that he could work in this role as well. He might seem a bit soft-spoken at times but it’s evident that he can really get into a role when he needs to. Appearance-wise it would seem that he might be one of the best for this role since it doesn’t seem as though it would take a great deal of work to make him mimic Jeffrey’s appearance. That, and he can play a rather detestable part as well when needed.

Any one of these men would work for the role, but John and Hugh would likely be the best choices.

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