Five Actors Who Should Play Odell Beckham in a Movie

If you don’t happen to recognize some of the names on this list it’s largely because some of them haven’t done much in their career as of yet or simply haven’t done enough to become as popular as other actors are. But a chance to play the role of Odell Beckham, formerly of the New York Giants and now of Cleveland Browns, could help to elevate a few of them and possibly break the careers of others wide open. Throughout his NFL career Odell has been one of the most popular and talented wide receivers in the game, but in the last couple of seasons he’s also been one of the most controversial since his antics on the field have been anything but pleasing for his fans to see and have landed him in a spot of trouble. Maybe it’s this, in part, that would prompt a movie to be made about him, in which case it would be necessary to find the right actor for the job.

Here are a few guys that might be able to pull it off.

5. Tristan Mack Wilds

So far it would seem that Tristan has done a fair amount of work in TV and is quite the singer, but in terms of OBJ we’re looking for the appearance and the possible build that might go into creating a believable representation and Tristan does have those qualities. He also has the acting ability that would go along with it and can possibly acclimate to the role as much as he’d need to in order to make it work. The only reason he’s low on the list at this point is that like a few of the others he’s not quite as well known, though there are plenty of fans that would like to argue with that sentiment.

4. Tyler James Williams

You might be wondering why I would pick the same guy that was on Everybody Hates Chris and The Walking Dead, but he’s grown up quite a bit since those days and has filled out as well. He might need to bulk up for the role but at the same time it does seem as though he could fill it out without too much trouble, and he could definitely rock the beard if things went that far. The whole idea of a movie on OBJ would likely see two or three different actors playing his role since the idea is typically that you want to show how the person grew up, which would require a couple of younger actors that might look similar to the grown-up actor.

3. Gaius Charles

Gaius has been around a bit and he’s worked with some very popular actors but hasn’t really become as well-known as others. He’s the kind of guy you look at and recognize from various projects but not quite at the level where he’s going to be recognized for his name. A movie on someone like OBJ could change all that for the lucky actor that got the role since Odell is a pretty high-profile character and is also someone that is known by millions of people considering the still loyal fan base of the NFL. This movie could elevate just about anyone if they were given the part, provided of course that they could play the role convincingly.

2. Brian White

Brian is a well-known face in movies and has been around for long enough that a lot of people happen to know who he is. At this point in his career he might be a little bit old for the role but it does appear that he has the skill and the looks that are needed. It might seem kind of funny to see him rocking a longer hairstyle, especially with OBJ’s customary bleached look, but his acting ability would be more than enough to make this work since he’s been great in just about anything he’s done, even if the movie he was in at any given time was kind of ridiculous. Face it, Cabin in the Woods was kind of a horror flop, but he still did his job.

1. Michael B. Jordan

Right now Michael seems to be the popular go-to for some movies since he’s got the skill, the look, and the amount of sincerity to bring to each and every role that people tend to love. Among the lot of them he probably has the best physique and also has a great deal of acting talent that’s been put on display for the past several years. It’s not hard to think that he would, or should be, the number one contender for such a role, but then again opinions do vary and it is easy to see how some folks would gravitate towards other stars. But honestly and truly he seems like he’d be the best choice.

Hopefully such a movie would stretch all the way to current times.

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