Five Actors Who Should Play Stephen Colbert in a Movie


Stephen Colbert is one of America’s most celebrated last night hosts. He started making nightly televised appearances on the Daily Show and was such a popular correspondent that he was able to spin off his own nightly show on Comedy Central – The Colbert Report. This led to an increase in national awareness and fame which he used to catapult him into hosting the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. His rise has been slow and steady, showing that hard work and great comedic chops will go a long way in the business. People have often wondered who would play Stephen Colbert in a movie about his life. Here are the five best choices to play Colbert in a movie.

5. Steve Carell

Steve Carell is a funnyman who rose the ranks with Colbert, nobody would be better suited to know his own personal tendencies. They both perfected their comedic skills on The Daily Show before moving on to bigger and more lucrative projects. Carell and Colbert remain friends to this day. Carell would know the intricacies of the character and would be one of the few actors that would be able to match the look. There is no doubt that people would hardly be able to tell the difference once the proper makeup was applied. Colbert would certainly be onboard with the idea as well. This is a classic win-win situation.

4. Mark Walhberg

Walhberg is better known for his great physique than his comedic chops, but this could be changing soon. Nobody would be better to play a beefed-up Stephen Colbert than the former rap artist known as “Marky Mark”. Walhberg would bring an edge to the character that otherwise might not exist. As well, Walhberg has increasingly been taking on comedic roles and challenging characters.Colbert would be the perfect role to expand his acting repertoire, a funnyman with an uncanny knack for hard work. Colbert’s own life has been a mix of comedy and tragedy. Walhberg would be the perfect actor to strike the balance between Colbert’s own trials and tribulations. This may be a match made in heaven.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch

This elusive leadman is best known for his hit TV series Sherlock, but his range is much wider than the clever detective. It would be a real treat to see the acting chops that Cumberbatch could bring to the big screen. There is no doubt that he would be more than able to handle Colbert’s aloof style of comedy. Colbert made a name for himself with his excellent satire while Cumberbatch’s characters pride themselves on their use of logic and reason. Seeing Cumberbatch rise to the occasion would be great treat for the average moviegoer and could prove to be a winning combination at the box office. It would undoubtedly be great entertainment to watch Cumberbatch change his entire style. Regardless of what the result would be, it would be a win for the fans.

2. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is one of the most recognizable faces in all of Hollywood. One of the most important modern aspects of Nicolas Cage is that he is a meme machine. Many people share his gifs and pictures on internet message boards and social media. This has presented his work to a whole new audience who could potentially be interested in his role as Stephen Colbert. However, he is not limited in the scope of characters he can play. Anyone from a funnyman to a seriously deranged conman are within his range, so playing Colbert should be no problem. It would be a great opportunity to reunite one of the all-time greats with the big screen. Also, the money could come in handy. Particularly given that Cage has just gone through his fourth divorce.

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has recently made a major comeback on the big screen. It seems that the actor had been largely forgotten about in recent years, until his John Wick series blew through the box office. All of a sudden Reeves was back on people’s radar. This is for good reason. He has a great acting range and is more than capable of bringing the laughs. Reeves is hot in Hollywood right now, which is why he would be the perfect candidate to play Colbert. He would be more than capable of playing the serious events of Colbert’s life. With makeup he would be a near perfect match to Colbert look-wise. It would be the perfect Hollywood match.

It’s likely that Colbert would be more than happy to sign off his life’s story to any of these talented actors. All of them have a wide range and can play a variety of roles. They are also all well-known Hollywood entities and many people would flock to the big screen to see them. They are all more than capable of bringing Colbert’s story to life. It would be interesting to see them transition to a totally different person. Stephen Colbert’s life has been a series of ups and downs, so it is important that anyone playing him would know his history.

It would be great to see Stephen Colbert’s life story on the big screen. So, this is a project that any fan could get behind. As Colbert continues to grow as a comedian, it will be interesting to see where his career goes. It is possible that there will need to be a sequel to the first half of Stephen Colbert’s life story. Colbert has fans all over the world, so there is no doubt that a biopic of him would be a major smash hit. Now it is up to the studios to make it happen. We can all hope that they tap into this potential source of comedy gold.

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