Five Actors Who Should Play “Weird Al” Yankovic in an Eventual Biopic

When most people think of Alfred ‘Weird Al” Yankovic humor is one of the first things that comes to mind. He made a name for himself by writing and performing funny versions of hit songs. Weird Al is one of the most iconic figures in comedic music history. Best-known for his parodies of popular songs, Weird Al was especially popular during the 80s and 90s for remaking songs like “Bad” by Michael Jackson and “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. But while Weird Al’s mission has always been to make his fans laugh, his level of talent is very serious. He has entertained audiences for more than 40 years and his story is definitely one worth telling. At the moment, there hasn’t been any officially announcement regarding a biopic for Weird Al, but there’s absolutely no doubt that he deserves one.

Here are 5 actors who should play Weird Al in his eventual biopic.

1. Russell Brand

When Russell Brand first started getting mainstream traction, many people suspected he wouldn’t be around for long. There was something about Brand that was a little hard to take seriously at first. However, the professionally trained actor proved that he is talented and here to stay. If you close your eyes and picture Russell Brand with red hair, you’ll find that he and Weird Al bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. Looks aside though, Russell’s comedic timing and onscreen versatility could be the perfect combination for portraying Weird Al. Russell’s resume currently includes several funny films, but he’s also shown that he’s capable of turning his serious side on when necessary.

2. Shia LaBeouf

In the early 2000s, Shia LaBeouf was one of the Disney Channel’s golden boys. His role as Louis Stevens in the hit show, Even Stevens, catapulted him into childhood superstardom. Even after parting ways with Disney, Shia continued to land film roles that proved he could do more than star in a kid’s show. Over the last several years though, Shia has seen some ups and downs in his personal and professional life. In 2014, he made headlines when he showed up to a movie premiere with a paper bag over his face. But even with all of that being said, Shia could still make a great candidate to play the role of Weird Al. Shia is a funny and talented actor who has proven that he has the ability to take on roles with a lot of depth. Portraying a character like Weird Al could also be a great second wind for Shia’s career.

3. Paul Rudd

When Paul Rudd dressed up as Weird Al for Halloween in 2019, he proved that if nothing else, he definitely has the look down. But even beyond that, Paul Rudd could still be a great option for the role as Weird Al. Over the course of Rudd’s career, we’ve seen him take on a variety of roles and his proven himself to by the type of actor who can do almost anything. Most recently, Rudd has been working on a lot of superhero/action projects. Fans would like appreciate seeing him do something a little more lighthearted.

4. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill has become the go-to funny man of his generation. Whenever there’s a need for a funny, but slightly awkward character, Jonah Hill has often been Hollywood’s go-to guy. However, in recent years, Hill has shown that he can do much more than be funny. Over the years, fans have gotten the chance to watch Hill grow from an immature 20-something to a serious actor and businessman. Since it’s likely that Weird Al’s story will have lots of serious moments to go along with the laughs, it’s important for whoever plays the role to be able to bring a little bit of both. His ability to write and direct could also come in handy if he were to star in a Weird Al biopic.

5. Michael Cera

Like Jonah Hill, Michael Cera is also a poster boy for the funny but slightly awkward character. Cera became a superstar in 2007 when he starred in both Juno and Superbad. But despite Cera’s success, there are many people who feel that he tends to always play the same type of character. It may be hard to picture Michael Cera running around a stage lip syncing to “I’m Fat”, but being able to portray Weird Al could be exactly what Cera needs to prove that he has the range to take on other roles. Plus, seeing Cera in a Weird Al style wig would be pretty entertaining by itself.

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