Five Actresses to Play Kathie Lee Gifford in an Eventual Movie

As Bryan Brunati of Closer has already stated we’re coming up on the end of the final week that we’ll be seeing Kathie Lee Gifford on TV since the well-renowned host is retiring soon and is no doubt going to leave behind a long list of well-wishers. So far as Paige Gawley of ET has reported she’s been making peace with the fact since it is happening and at this point the inevitable is closing in. People all over the nation are already starting to wonder what it’s going to be like without her there since she’s been around for so long, but some are also starting to wonder if there will be a movie made of her life since, as you can imagine, she’s done quite a bit in her time. Scott Baumgartener of ET has revealed that while Kathie Lee is in fact stepping down from her host duties this doesn’t mean that she’s stopping altogether. She already has a few ideas for continuing a career that means something to her and it’s likely that we’ll see her again in the near future, just not on the same show and not in the same capacity. But it would be interesting to know if a movie about her career is going to surface eventually.

It’d be even more interesting to know just who would play her.

5. Marisa Tomei

There’s something about Marisa that seems to scream class and at the same time she’s able to change it up and become a different person. Think about it this way, in her younger years she was seen as the type that could play a role on My Cousin Vinny, and in recent years she’s been the type to slow down and play Aunt May in Spider-Man: Homecoming. She’s matured in so many different ways that it seems that she might be perfect to take this role and walk it a few times around the dance floor to impress people. In other words, she’d be able to take on this role without much trouble.

4. Amanda Peet

It’s kind of hard to know just where Amanda Peet is going to show up now and again since she’s a great actress but it would appear that her former hot streak when it came to films has kind of waned throughout the years. She’s still very impressive, but at the same time she does seem to disappear from the public eye now and again. She might not be one of the first choices for a role like this but it does seem that she’d be able to fit into it pretty easily. A lot of women can fit into this role since it wouldn’t take as much as you might think apart from the personality that Kathie Lee has been known for throughout career, and many of those on this list can emulate that perfectly.

3. Julia Roberts

In terms of looks it’s kind of hard to really nail down a celebrity with a lookalike unless there’s someone that happens to look so much like them that they could be their long-lost twin. But this is usually a casting concern since they’re the ones that might get roasted if the actor being selected for the role doesn’t seem to fit the bill. But Julia tends to make up for any role she’s thrust into with the sheer amount of talent that she has and the ability to get the people on her side by simply performing the role as well as she can. Her track record to date has been kind of up and down if people are going to be honest, but her high points have been phenomenal enough that it’s easy to see how she might pull this off.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is another actress that can supposedly do anything since she’s had to be a few different characters with very differing attitudes throughout her career and has impressed a lot of people in her life. The whole idea of being as chipper as Kathie Lee does seem like it might be a stretch since a lot of her characters have been imbued with her customary attitude more often than not, but it’s still possible. If nothing else she could play the role in a TV movie where the audience might not be as large and not quite as discerning.

1. Mira Sorvino

It does seem like it’s been a while since we’ve been able to see her in anything and it might be about time to get her back on screen since she’s a very impressive woman to watch. Mira has been in action, comedy, drama, horror, you name it, and she’s been great each and every time. That’s why it would be kind of different to see her in a role such as this, but no less entertaining since her acting style is one that seems suited to the part.

Any one of these women would be great to be honest.

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