Five Actresses We Want to See Play Monica Lewinsky in a Movie


Some people might want you to feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky considering that she likely did get put through a metaphorical meat grinder after her affair with former president Bill Clinton was discovered. But to tell the truth both of them are still around and are still highly regarded by a lot of people so, honestly, feeling sorry for them is something that doesn’t come easily. Added onto that is the fact that Bill isn’t the first married man she had an affair with since allegedly she was involved with one of her professor’s in college, who was also married. So yeah, that kind of puts the kibosh on feeling sorry for her, especially when one realizes that the scandal is one of the biggest reasons why anyone still remembers her name to this date. Cynical? Well of course it is, some folks might actually be forced to retreat from public life after such a scandal, Bill and Monica have been glorified for it.

Just in case a movie, not just a TV show ever came out featuring Monica, here are a few choices as to who might fit the bill, no pun intended. Or was it?

5. Tiffani Amber Thiessen

She is getting a bit older and isn’t quite as prominent as she used to be but Tiffani is still a woman that a lot of people look up to and a very under-utilized talent that could do with a hefty role that might revive her career a bit. For a long time she was one of those perky actresses that brightened up the room when she walked in, but even as an adult and a seasoned veteran she’s able to flash that smile and amuse people. It feels safe to say that she could walk on screen and people would be willing to watch simply because she’s there. After all she’s one of those individuals that a lot of folks still remember from their younger years, so the nostalgic appeal is there as well.

4. Emma Stone

As an actress that can change into just about any role she needs to be this doesn’t seem like it would be a hard go for Emma since she’s got a strong enough sense of character to do amazing things on screen. Who would really shine in this role all depends on what part of Monica’s life they would be reviewing and how far they’d be willing to take it. But Emma would no doubt still be the go-to actress that might make one of the best showings considering that she’s been able to bring a lot of different characters to life and has done so with a great deal of skill that is easy to see in each one of her movies.

3. Amy Adams

This is one of the oddball picks since Amy doesn’t really carry the same look as Monica but at the same time she could be persuaded to take on this role and make it her own even if people didn’t want to believe in it. That being said Amy is a great actress that has nailed a few roles and managed to change her appearance just enough to make it convincing. Thinking that she might take on a role like this makes it seem that she would need to do a lot in terms of altering her physical appearance, but then again that’s what makeup and prostheses are for when it comes to stepping into the life of another person.

2. Michelle Williams

It seems as though we don’t see Michelle Williams that much these days when we used to see her all the time years ago. It could be that she’s starring in roles that don’t get a lot of attention or we just don’t happen to notice because, quite honestly, there are a lot of people out there vying for attention. But she’s turned in some great roles in her time and honestly deserves a shot at something that could put her back at the top of her game once again. In a big way she might be right for this role since with a dye job she might be one of those that might be able to really pull the role off.

1. Olivia Wilde

It seems fair to say that each of the women on this list might have to put on a bit of weight or be altered with CGI or something to really round out Monica’s look, but Olivia does seem to come at least close in a couple of ways. Her acting style is something that could easily be adapted to the role of Lewinsky, but it’s also enough that she could take on the role without having to do too much to really make it work. One thing to remember is that even if a person doesn’t look like their target role that much, there are always methods to use to work around this. The acting is the most important part.

One has to wonder if this would be best as a drama or a comedy, or both.

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