Five Actresses Who Could Play Kella Ripa in a Lifetime Movie

There are reasons to like Kelly Ripa and many reasons why people don’t, but those tend to be personal and don’t really make a good deal of sense when they’re laid bare. One reason I happen to like her as of now is that in a piece written by Desiree Murphy of ET she did take the time to react to the Varsity Blues scandal and made it known that she was glad her kids had already gone through the college process. While you might have your issues with her for one reason or another it does seem as though she has a good head on her shoulders despite instances written on by Maeve McDermott concerning her brief tizzy when her co-host Michael Strahan left Good Morning America for another venue. One could possibly understand why she was so upset, but at the same time it does seem as though she overreacted just a bit. That being said she’s still a decent person that is human after all and isn’t above the occasional misfire. Given that so many people are getting movies made of their lives these days it seems that Kelly might be next in line or at least on the lineup of those that might see themselves being portrayed one day on screen.

But who would be able to make it work?

5. Jennifer Aniston

Her career has gone through a lot of high notes in the past decade and yet it does seem as though she’s slowed down just a bit, if only to catch her breath perhaps before taking on the public again with another few roles that might dazzle them anew. Her days as Rachel on Friends definitely paved the way for the fame she’s been enjoying ever since, but does anyone remember that this woman actually got her first credited role in a B-horror movie called Leprechaun? It’s easy to forget a lot of things about celebrities when they gain a positive reputation, but honestly I think it was just interesting to remember this.

4. Reese Witherspoon

Reese has been seen as the good girl and the ditzy girl as well as the popular girl and this makes it seem as though she’d be perfect for the role since she’s personable and able to stand in front of people and be completely at ease. Her manner is usually chipper, her style of acting is definitely versatile, and she’s capable of taking on this type of role as though it was second nature to be honest. It might even be something that could keep her in the public eye for a little while longer as if you’ve noticed in entertainment a lot of new faces are starting to make their way up, putting the actors we’ve been enjoying so long on notice.

3. Marisa Tomei

Marisa seems like one of those individuals that only gets better as she gets older. She was fun to watch when she was younger since she had such a youthful appearance and the vigor to go with it, but it was hard to take her serious since she showed up in several roles that didn’t seem able to push her reputation any further. But to be completely honest she’s had the kind of potential that has allowed her to stick around this long, and has only gotten stronger the longer she’s been in the business. As of now she’s one of the more respected and in-demand actresses around since she’s still got a fairly youthful look and now the benefit of experience.

2. Dina Meyer

Let’s be honest and say that not a lot of people think about Dina Meyer unless they happen to catch a movie or a TV show featuring her, such as Starship Troopers, the Saw movies that she’s featured in, or various other shows where she’s made an appearance. She’s a good actress without a doubt, and she has a lot to offer, but throughout the years she’s been put into a few roles that didn’t really do her talents justice since they made her into something she wasn’t or simply buried her beneath a wealth of other talent that was able to overshadow her. This time though it would be a chance for her to shine.

1. Christina Applegate

Kelly Bundy no more, right? She’s been quit of the role of blonde ditz for so long that it’s almost as though she reinvented herself over the years, though you have to remember that she’s never been quite that dumb. Instead Christina has had to fight for her reputation and her place in Hollywood as she’s grown older, and she’s done a great job of it to be honest. From Bad Moms to Vacation to Hall Pass she’s one of the more appealing women on screen at this time since she’s still got the sass and the on-screen presence that people love to see from strong women.

There are likely a few more women that could make this part work, but these picks seem to be among the strongest.

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