Five Awesome Moments When Bands Covered “The Beatles” Songs

The moments when other band recorded popular Beatles songs is something that rides the line between classy and dangerous in the eyes of many fans. But quite honestly man of those same fans, and more that don’t care, are often psyched to hear them in someone else’s voice. The songs also take on a different sound and quality with another artist thanks to the differing techniques and methods that other bands use.  Some of them have been okay and passable while others have simply been amazing and more than that, have done things with the songs that no one, not even the Beatles, saw coming.

It’s always fun to see what other artists can do with songs that are already famous.

5. Aerosmith-Come Together

I’ll be honest and state that I used to think that Aerosmith had come up with this song as one of their own before I learned better. My mom, a true Beatles maniac, taught me this when she heard me singing it one day and I was firm in my belief that Aerosmith had come out with it first. But then of course arguing with adults on such matters, especially as to what came first, is never really a good idea.

4. Billy Joel-Hard Day’s Night

Billy Joel was one of my favorite artists when I was younger and We Didn’t Start the Fire was one of my favorite tracks, but this was a close second. Like all other artists that have covered songs by the Beatles he did an awesome job and paid a great deal of respect to the band by performing this song so well. But at the time I heard it I have to admit that I didn’t think he could pull it off that well.

3. Joe Cocker-With A Little Help From My Friends

This is one song that I happen to think that the Beatles got upstaged by since Joe Cocker kind of brought an energy to the track that it really needed and was less bouncy with it than the original version.  While the Beatles brought it to life the voice and performance of Cocker, and the fact that it was featured on one of the most loved sitcoms in the US, The Wonder Years, made the song even more popular.

2. John Denver-Eleanor Rigby

It’s hard to know what to think when you hear this song for the first time and try to equate it with the original sung by the Beatles. Eventually however it starts to grow on you and after a while you realize that you’re singing it when you don’t even realize it. John Denver had the kind of talent that doesn’t come around all that often and was more than adequate when reproducing a song.

1. Godsmack-Come Together

This is one of my all-time favorite songs so I had to add it twice and with another evolution of it that made me laugh even as I was singing along. Godsmack has taken some serious ups and downs in their career but taking on this song could have been a big mistake. However it’s a very well-done track that provides the kind of punch that you’d expect from this band and is pleasant enough that you can’t help but sing along.

The Beatles were obviously influential, but even now that influence continues to spread.

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