Five Awesome Movie Characters That Have Heat Generating Powers

Any character that can generate heat in a movie is someone that you don’t trifle with. Of course you wouldn’t want to mess with someone like Wolverine, or Magneto, or even Steppenwolf unless you were tough enough and had a good reason to do so. But those with abilities that lean towards heat are especially dangerous since if you think about it the element of fire is rather prevalent in nature since so many different things can cause it, add to it, or fall prey to it and be used as fuel. Fire is one of the strongest forces in this world since it seeks to destroy whatever it touches and depending on the type of fire that’s created it becomes harder and harder to extinguish as it continues to rage. Those that control the fire are pretty much the same as the heady experience of being able to use the fire is one that some characters have found it hard to resist.

Here are some of the best characters in films with heat-generating powers.

5. X-Men 2 – Pyro

Pyro is the last person that should have a power such as this since he’s too impulsive, has a massive chip on his shoulder, and is all too ready to use the power when he has the chance. In this clip he’s backed into a corner for the most part and becomes the reason that they’re able to escape, but unfortunately he starts to lose control and actually starts enjoying the feel of power that the fire gives him, the rush as it destroys whatever he points at. It’s a good thing that he can only manipulate the fire, not create it, since all one really needs to do is take his lighter away and he becomes kind of helpless.

4. Hellboy – Liz Sherman

Liz does have control of her power but it wasn’t always this way and it still isn’t since she can easily slip and lose control over the cerulean flames that shoot out of her body when she’s really good and mad. The fire doesn’t harm Hellboy at least but anything else in the path of the flame is going to incinerated in an instant if it doesn’t take cover or have some immunity close to Hellboy’s when it comes to fire. As a kid she found it too easy to lose control of the killing fire that emanated from her, but as an adult at least she could come to master it just a bit, at least until something traumatized her enough to flip out.

3. Fantastic Four – Human Torch

Johnny Storm is another hothead, pun intended, that didn’t really need to be given power at first since he was too cocky and used it to his advantage rather than in a responsible manner. But as he learned how to be a team player he eventually found out what the power really brought with it and the responsibility that he had when it came to using it to benefit others. The Human Torch was still cocky for a lot of years and had the carefree nature that made it kind of easy to see why his creators had given him the power over fire. But out of many heroes and villains that had control over fire he was still not the strongest, not by far.

2. Deadpool 2 – Firefist

Russell is a scared kid that has the power to heat things up to the point that combustion is just a side effect of his presence when he gets good and mad. All that has to happen is that someone ticks him off and the heat will rise in an instant, burning away whatever he points his hands at. In fact throughout the movie it’s seen that, when he has control of his powers, he’s one of the most dangerous mutants in the Deadpool movie. It’s hard to say if he’d be that much of a danger to the Juggernaut or Colossus considering their power and ability to put people down, but he was giving Cable and Deadpool a serious run.

1. Firestarter – Charlie McGee

Charlie lost her mother and then she and her father had to go on the run. Then eventually she lost her father, and all hell broke loose. She was done holding back, and once she started letting loose with the power she’d been taught to hold inside there was no one that could stand against her as she tore through them as though they were nothing. There was actually a sequel made to this movie years later that wasn’t too bad, but it featured a Charlie that had far more control of her powers and was far more deadly than ever before.

Fire and heat-generated powers are particularly frightening to tell the truth since many people are genuinely afraid of burning to death. It doesn’t seem like the most painless way to go after all.

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