Five Awesome Movies That Were Shot in Berlin

Berlin has a long and storied history like many popular and old cities in this world and it’s not much of a question why some movies would be staged here since the history of the place does seem to invite a great deal of interest as well as intrigue. While many movies have been filmed in various locations throughout the city some have taken great advantage of Berlin when it comes to setting the stage for action or drama. Sometimes you need the right place to set the tone and a sound studio just doesn’t cut it. Going to the actual city that the movie is supposed to be taking place in, or using it for something else similar that might be indistinguishable to the casual audience member, is something that many movies are quite notorious for since in show business not everything is at it seems at all times.

Here are five movies that were filmed at least partially in Berlin.

5. Valkyrie

This movie goes to show that not everyone was as in love with Hitler’s Germany or his rule as people might be inclined to think. When you’re a soldier you go along to get along, you believe in the cause or you simply do your duty because it’s expected. But according to this movie there were those that did in fact not care a bit for Hitler or his ways. Despite being something of a glamorized version of what might have happened back in the day, the message is pretty clear: not everyone was as evil as they were made out to be, and the label of a Nazi didn’t sink as deep with every member of the group as it did with others.

4. Hanna

Hanna is the kind of story that might impress some folks and horrify others since the young girl in the movie is made into a weapon that is far deadlier than many adults that have been training for years on end. Having known little more than her training and having been taught to survive at all costs, Hanna is one of those individuals in movies that might seem improbable and unlikely since she doesn’t seem like she’d be realistic in this world, but in the movie she becomes something like a one-girl army that is capable and definitely able to take care of herself in a big way. Plus, the compunctions she has about killing don’t seem to be that strong.

3. Inglorious Basterds

You’ve got to hand it to Tarantino, he knows how to cut through the idea of feeling that not everyone in the Nazi regime was evil and twisted, and he certainly gives the idea that they were a bunch that had not a shred of mercy in them. He might have been right in some regards and the Basterds certainly didn’t give much, if any, quarter to their enemies, but their brutality was made special in order to create the belief that someone out there knew how to be that much nastier than those who had already shown that their propensity for violence against their enemies knew no bounds. War becomes so much more terrifying when you meet the people that have no set limit to their cruelty.

2. Monuments Men

This was a bit of a dry movie if you were looking for action, but the idea of a group of men making their way into certain danger to save and preserve precious works of art might seem silly to some people. But then when you stand back and think about it, art is a big part of society and the culture that we cling to even if not everyone sees the need for it at times. Art in all forms is how our society is represented, showing how we’ve grown, evolved, and how we’ve come from the simplest of societies to what we are now. It makes sense in that manner that someone would care if the great works of art were being systematically destroyed.

1. The Bourne Supremacy

At the end of the first movie we were given the impression that Jason had finally found his peace of mind and was going to be allowed a chance to simply settle and become the person he wanted to be instead of the person he’d been. But those that were coming after him were bound to find him eventually, and those that wanted him for different reasons were on the same trail. What the meant however was that once they found him there was enough reason to believe that things wouldn’t go well since Jason Bourne is not the kind of man you mess with if you have an interest in staying alive and in one piece. That being said though one can assume that his story still isn’t over.

Not every part of each movie was filmed in Berlin, but enough of each movie was to make it count.

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