Five Awesome Skyforge Cheats To Give you an Edge

By now, everyone’s heard of Skyforge. If you haven’t, you’re a little late to the game. But, it’s okay. You will learn today. The best way to get things started is to explain what Skyforge is. The long and short of it is – Skyforge is an exciting MMORPG filled with dynamic fight scenes and an intriguing storyline that will keep you entertained for hours. One thing it’s known for is its graphics. Their quality is like the ones on your favorite consoles. In this game, players must create powerful warriors to keep their home worlds safe. But, as their opponents get stronger so too the warriors must level up. They do so by performing quests and defeating their enemies.

When you defeat your opponents, you gain followers too. They help increase your power so you can rise to the rank of Elder God. The best of these get to join the Order of the Keepers and shape the fate of their worlds. As you can see, this game makes for entertaining pastime. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s hard to level up if you don’t have the inside track. If you are someone who is struggling to get ahead, look no further. Today, we will declassify five Skyforge cheats to help you smash achievements, defeat your enemies, and rise through the ranks.

1. That Was Brutal Achievement

This achievement is easiest to achieve with the Cryomancer avatar. After you’ve completed The Skill Tree, you’ll want to get to a place filled with low-level mobs. For this to work, you’ll want at least 15 opponents attacking you at a time. Once you’ve gathered a good-sized mob, used the skill with the R key (keyboard and mouse if you’re on a computer) to kill them all at once.

2. Seriously? Achievement

Although this is probably contrary to anything you’ve ever heard, the way to beat this achievement is to jump into the water and drown. Let us be clear, you cannot just walk into the water. Your avatar won’t let you do that. Any attempts to do so and he or she will turn around. Jumping off a ledge seems to be the ticket here.

3. Integrator Achievement

This one is easier to beat than the others. All you have to do is beat your training avatar.

4. Highest Score Achievement

This one is easy as well, as long as you have reached the S rank level. Set the difficulty to easy and play your favorite stage over and over again. Let’s take Okki Island as an example. You can play this level on the first difficulty as much as you want to unlock this achievement.

5. Level Up Achievement

Did you know that you can level up your abilities without going on an adventure? To make it even better, you can do this for all three starting classes. You read that right and it’s as simple as taking advantage of the Training Hall. To do this one, go to Options and then Class Missions. Now, go through all your missions like normal. But, here’s the kicker. Although you get missions every time you get a new ability, it doesn’t mean you have to take part. You don’t have to leave the training area until you’ve maxed out your easy level up opportunities.

One more thing

There’s more to Skyforge than completing Achievements. No true guide would be complete if it didn’t offer cheats about the other parts of the game as well. Keeping this in mind, here’s one more Skyforge cheat. This one works for quests on Herden Temple in Bellonia. Kill the Oceanids at the beginning of the stage when they’re at their weakest. They often spawn a purple orb that can come in handy later on in the game. Every one you pick up gives you at least 1 rare crystallite. Some of the dead bodies you come across have them as well. It’s also important to note that you will run into Cappas as you get a little further in the map. They do not spawn these orbs.

The Bottom Line

Skyforge is a fun game to play, there’s no doubt about that. But, it’s hard to complete the challenges you need to level up and reach the Godhood status you know you’re capable of. The above Skyforge cheats will help you do just that. Good luck!

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