The Five Best Kim Basinger Movies of Her Career

Kim Basinger is what you would call a screen legend without any reservation at all. Even if she’s been in some movies that were questionable in regards to how good they were her part has still been solid and she’s always been one of the best leading ladies around. Not only is she absolutely stunning but her acting is so perfectly on point that it tends to make others look as though they’re overacting or not giving quite as good a performance as they’re capable of doing. Her list of credits is quite long but many would think that some of them are not quite as good as others, as the movie tends to taint the reputation of the actor at times in a most unfair manner. However, there are moments in her career when she’s been seen to shine just a little brighter due to the part she’s been given, so it’s fair to say that she has her great moments and her good ones.

Here’s the list of movies we’ve compiled that are among Kim’s best.

5. Batman

Vicki Vale was the typical reporter type in the vision of Batman that Tim Burton brought to the big screen. She played the love interest in Bruce Wayne’s life during the movie, but was not quite as attracted to the character of Batman as other women would be in the movies to come. Strangely she preferred the man beneath the mask to the superhero, much unlike many others. Perhaps it was the fact that she was used to getting beneath the initial layer of a person or situation to see what lay underneath. Of course you could say that about a couple of Batman’s more amorous female companions as well.

4. 8 Mile

As Stephanie Smith she was playing one of her more pathetic roles that anyone has ever seen her in. That’s not meant to be mean, but Stephanie was quite pathetic as she blamed everyone else for her problems, allowed her son to take a lot of the troubles of her life on his shoulders, and was a horrible role model. Close to the end of the film there were glimmers that she was turning into a good person, but the film ended before anyone really got to see her be more than decent to her son. As roles go this was one that some people wondered about, and others simply saw as another side of Kim that they hadn’t witnessed yet.

3. Cellular

You’d probably have to look at her filmography to even realize she did this movie, but then again there are enough famous faces in it to think that it warrants some attention. The whole gist of the movie is that she’s been kidnapped due to something her husband did, which was make a videotape of a bunch of corrupt cops in the middle of committing a crime. Somehow she dials up the number of a young man that thinks she’s someone pulling a prank on him. Eventually however she convinces him that her situation is real and throughout the movie he has to desperately find a way to save her and eventually save himself.

2. Fifty Shades Darker

If her character in 8 Mile was pathetic then as Elena her character is just despicable. She believes that she has a hold on Christian that reveals itself to be anything but near the end of the movie. And while a lot of fans weren’t thrilled with the way the movies matched up to the books they did get a particular thrill out of this moment when Elena gets full on slapped in the face by Christian’s mother while being told to leave. Thinking that Christian would get bored with Anastasia was a very big mistake for Elena, who, despite having taught Christian a thing or two, was way behind the times when it came to recognizing the signs of love.

1. L.A. Confidential

There was a lot that was said about this movie and lot that remained unsaid it would seem. Despite not being seen as the biggest draw for this movie Kim was still considered to be one of the biggest highlights. No matter where she goes she’s a star, but at some point her fame was beginning to decline just a bit and this was one of those films that it seems allowed her to shine while on screen but kind of faded into the background once the film was released.

Her contributions to Hollywood aren’t going to be forgotten any time soon but at the very least Kim Basinger has started to slip off into that place where all stars eventually go to. But at least she’s doing it with grace and will be able to rest easy knowing that her legacy is going to be remembered. The chances are good that she’ll continue to act, but she’s not the big draw that she used to be.

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