Five Bold Predictions for Westworld Season 2

Production on Westworld is picking up steam and so are the theories, rumors, and predictions. Already fans are starting to make best guesses and try to figure out just what’s going to happen when the next season hits. There’s plenty of conjecture to go around and lots of thoughts on what could possibly happen to main characters and how the plot lines could be altered, but until 2018 we’re just going to have to wait and imagine what could possibly happen. Admittedly though, that’s the fun part. Trying to sort out from season one just what could happen in season two will be entertaining enough and should hold most of us in suspense until the show starts up again.

Here’s a few predictions about Westworld season 2 you might want to pay attention to.

5. The man in black isn’t done by a long shot.

This guy wants the world to erupt in chaos and as things are going it might just happen. Eventually the hosts might be able to kill the guests and the entire system would become a giant death trap. Also, entertaining the thought that he’s out in the wilds fighting for his life could possibly alleviate any concerns that he’s actually gone. He’s proven himself to be a capable fighter and practical enough that he won’t hesitate to kill whoever he needs to in order to stay alive. Look for the man in black to cause some serious damage this next season.

4. A crossover with GoT could easily be in the works. 

George R.R. Martin has actually given this idea his blessing. We’ve already seen that the potential for a GoT world in this show could possibly crop up with all the different themes they’ve been teasing. Despite all the obvious hurdles to cross there’s still a very good chance that an epic crossover could possibly occur. The only possible downfall would be that it might hack a few GoT fans off if they’re not already on board with Westworld. Don’t hold your breath just yet, but feel free to dream.

3. Logan will be back with vengeance on his mind.

Think about it, he has all the reason in the world to want to come back and kick some serious butt. He was tied to a saddle and left on his own to simply wander. Considering that he and the man in black have a well known history at this point it’s more than reasonable to believe that he’ll come back ready to tear stuff up and prove that he’s every bit as vicious as the man that betrayed him.

2. Just because Dr. Ford is dead doesn’t mean he can’t come back.

That line might make absolutely no sense but think about it for a moment. In Westworld death is an impermanent thing sometimes. Who’s to say he couldn’t come back as a host? In fact it hasn’t even been established yet that Anthony Hopkins is well and done with the show yet. Chew on that for a moment and try not to grin too wide.

1. Make no mistake, Dolores is in charge.

She’s gone from prairie girl to gunslinger in the course of season, and there’s real reason to fear her now. It’s not too much of a stretch to think she’ll gun down anyone that gets in her way in season 2. After all, she’s already said that this is their world, and the way in which she said it doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination on how she’ll go about doing it.

Westworld season 2 is going to be tense. Hope you’re ready when it hits.


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