Five Cartoons to Watch if You Like “Bob’s Burgers”

Bob’s Burgers is essentially a show depicting a working-class family that’s just trying to get by and do the best they can while struggling to keep up with a world that isn’t always fair but is isn’t bound to slow down for them. The business that the family runs beneath their apartment is their livelihood and is the only thing they really have. In a way the cartoon has a sense of hope and normalcy to it, but then again there’s just something that one can’t deny is kind of odd and a bit awkward at times. That’s the whole point though since if the show was clean and wholesome as some might want it all the time it would likely be kind of boring. There are a few other shows that are just like this and seem to have laid the groundwork for a show like Bob’s Burgers, or have at least followed the trend.

Here are a few shows like Bob’s Burgers.

5. Spongebob Squarepants

There’s something apparently very appealing about a talking sponge that has a starfish as a best friend, a squid as a neighbor, and a crab as a boss. There are those that have loved Spongebob since he came around and there are still plenty of people that are willing to watch the show, the movies, and purchase the merchandise. Some folks have said this is about the most brainless cartoon to ever come along, but the debate about how much this cartoon is worth kind of fall short when it comes to the overall sales that the character has promoted throughout the years. It’s kind of hard to argue with the profits.

4. BoJack Horseman

Someone had to be smoking something highly suspect or have been on an all-nighter that lasted a solid week to come up with this, but it did manage to catch on with people and become something of a sensation since it was allowed to stay. A show depicting a horse that’s attempting to get back in the spotlight after a failed career is something that seems just about as brainless as anything else on this list, but at the very least it incorporates humans along with the talking animals, so it’s something that might seem like a bad acid trip, but it’s imaginative at the very least. It’s a bit creepy at times, but it seems to work.

3. Daria

No matter what you say Daria was definitely a part of the Attitude Era that was springing up all over the place thanks to the WWE and its influence on other media. The often grump and somewhat emotionless teenager navigated her way throughout high school as best she could while wearing a constantly disinterested look that seemed to be her default mode most of the time. In a way Daria was a character that showed people that it was okay to be vaguely hostile and unresponsive to a world that was bent on making clones out of people who would conform to one trend or another. Her attitude alone was what made her so popular.

2. South Park

Oh the censors and the parents loved to go nuts when this show first came out since it was nonstop mayhem, bad behavior, and featured the kind of language that guaranteed to have more than a few bleeped words throughout each episode. Think then just how exciting it was for fans to finally get a South Park movie where the language would be allowed and the jokes could be just as raunchy as the creators wanted? A lot of people thought this show would be gone after a few years, but obviously that estimate was a little on the low end since the show is still going strong to this day.

1. Rick and Morty

Crazy, no holds barred, and nothing too out of control or taboo seems to be the gist of this show. The fans are just about as nuts as the characters that are depicted on this program since the “Mulan sauce” incident is proof that those that watch the show, not all of them just some, are about a fanatical about their nugget dipping sauce as Rick is. Apart from that the science in this show, while sound in a few microseconds, is the kind of thing that people tend to want to convince themselves has a basis in reality since it seems otherwise it might crush their fragile egos and remind them that this is a show for their entertainment and has little if any real educational value outside of the moralistic views that are somehow injected into a select number of episodes.

It’d be hard to really pinpoint which show you could thank for the craziness that’s come to the television when it comes to adult and even kid-oriented cartoons. Remember the days when Looney Tunes were considered the nuttiest thing on TV?

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