Five Classic Movie Scenes that Take Place in the Stands at Baseball Games

Just like any sport baseball has its moments in the stands when the action is a little more exciting than on the field. Some movies tend to focus more on the field since that’s where the action is, while in truth there’s just as much interesting material in the stands if you just look. With some movies it tends to be in the stands where ALL the action is, but to be honest a lot of people might be craning their necks around trying to pay attention to the game without having to go through all the drama.

Here are a few movies that manage to get the action in the stands into the mix.

5. Major League 2

He wants the righty! The Vile Thing! And then of course Ricky shuts the loudmouth up and steps onto the field, and crowd erupts as the Wild Thing makes his triumphant return. Since the first film Vaughn was the man when it came to cleanup and the one guy you knew that could be counted on to close out a game. The crowd knew it too, since the roar was undeniably in his favor.

4. Trouble With The Curve

Scouts are not normal folks. They see and hear things that a lot of us just don’t understand and manage to gauge a player’s worth on whether or not they move the right way, act the right way, or just approach the bases in a certain manner. A lot of scouts these days take a more scientific approach to the job, but some of the old dogs still like to use their intuition to tell whether a player will be good or not.

3. Fever Pitch

Let’s face it, fans really believe that they are a good luck charm to an athlete a lot of the times. How many people have stood up at a ballgame and yelled down to the field as though their advice is sacrosanct? It’s a part of the game without a doubt but it’s also something that becomes akin to a compulsion that just can’t be helped. But don’t dare say that to a diehard fan.

2. The Fan

And then you have the crazy fans, the ones that think that they have a good handle on what it takes to play in the majors and will go all in, including their sanity, when it comes to promoting a player. These types are rare thankfully but they’re scary enough that they don’t tend to be surrounded by a lot of people that want to associate with them.

1. My Blue Heaven

I couldn’t find the clip I wanted but here is at least the explanation of the ball field what came to be at the end of the movie. The scenes in the stands were pretty funny since not only did Vinny’s mother try to bribe the umpire, but the guys that tried to kill him were also there under the witness protection program and were now married to the two women that he’d already been married to earlier.

The stories in the stands sometimes rival those on the field.

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