Five Classic “Sick and Staying Home from School” Scenes in Movies

It’s the biggest con a lot of us have tried to pull off at least once in our lives. The “I’m too sick and should stay home from school” routine is one that doesn’t work that great anymore. Parents are more on top of any and all communicable diseases and their symptoms, and even if they did buy it, too many absences in some schools doesn’t mean what it once did. In the movies it’s still okay, since Hollywood can make most anything feasible. But in real life, you’d be shipped off the hospital in the blink of an eye if you were deemed too sick to go to school. Or you’d be forced to do something really detestable, like watching daytime soap operas.

Sorry to the soap fans, no offense. But really, staying home sick from school is only really feasible in the movies.

5. Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead

Technically this isn’t a staying home from school sick movie. It’s a staying home from school because we have no parental guidance movie, but it falls under the same kind of category.  When their elderly babysitter passes away the Crandell siblings have to find a way to adjust to their newly found freedom without succumbing to the more simplistic and basic desires to do whatever they want. It’s a very interesting way to make kids grow up quicker, but it’s not recommended.

4. Everything, Everything

It would be hard to imagine living your whole life indoors without ever being able to step outside. The real reason why anyone with this young woman’s condition would perish upon stepping outside is that she hasn’t been allowed to build up any sort of immunity. At least that’s what you would think if you knew nothing about SCID, an auto-immune deficiency disease. Turns out though she doesn’t have it, and the original theory is correct. You can’t develop much of a life at all if you don’t get out in it occasionally.

3. Billy Madison

And we move onto the funnier side of the issue. Billy Madison is trying to make his way into his father’s good graces by proving that he can in fact learn something. But as he makes his way through each grade he eventually hits high school, and is reminded that while he might have been king of the school back in the day, that day has most certainly passed him by. So it’s not a surprise that he tries to stay home sick, but it’s also not much of a surprise when he declines the maids offer to shave her armpits. Back to school it is.

2. The Fault in Our Stars

We choose who we let hurt us in this life, and if we’re wise we learn to live with those choices. Hazel is a cancer patient that knows that her situation isn’t bound to get any better but still wants to make her life worth living. She tends to stay at home a lot out of the necessity of needing to be around her parents in case something happens But when she meets Augustus she begins to feel that a cloistered life is the last thing that she wants. So she chooses, and then lives with it.

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Remember what I said about being shipped off to the hospital if your symptoms seem too severe? Only in this time period and only in a movie would Ferris get away with this. He even goes into detailed explanation of how many symptoms is too many and which symptoms will wave the red flag with parents. So yes, he’s the master of manipulating the system, but a new Ferris for this day and age would have to be extremely good at nailing just the right symptoms. In other words, say you have a flu bug or an infectious cold and that should be enough.

Come on, a lot of us have tried this at least once or more in our lives. Did you get away with it?


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