Five Comedic Actors We’d Like to See in Really Dark Roles

Whether a comedian has been a dramatic actor at one point or another there are some that we’d like to see go dark, as in more than just a serious character, but someone like Jim Carrey in The Number 23 dark. Plenty of comedians have taken on serious roles that have forced them to dull down their comedic side for a spell, but putting someone in a dark, truly over the top role would be kind of interesting to see who could do it and who really isn’t cut out to show their dark side to the world.  Jim Carrey and the late Robin Williams were able to do this and truly creep people out since up until they showed that side of themselves people were convinced that they could do comedy and they could do drama, but something truly dark wasn’t in their DNA. Thankfully they did show us that it’s possible though, as many comedians manage to tell jokes and act foolish on TV and the big screen largely because they’re playing off of darker stereotypes and aspects of society that many people don’t want to talk about most times. But if a comedian can find it in them to go dark, black as night and absolutely scary then it’s more impressive since it shows that their range doesn’t have a real limit and that they can crank that lever wide open and just let it flow.

Here are a few comedians that might be a little more interesting if they took on a darker role.

5. Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha feels as though he has it in him to play a truly bad and detestable character, worse than anything he’s done to date. His outrageous comedy aside, it does feel as though he has the talent and the ability to make this happen, but is perhaps a bit reluctant. Much of his comedy focuses on the shock and awe that he’s able to cause among his viewers and the points he tries to get across by displaying whatever ignorance and stereotypical behavior he can at times just to get a reaction. The difference unfortunately is that he’s been more like an ill-tempered clown than a true bad guy in any given movie. Turning him dark would be absolutely terrifying in a way.

4. Aziz Ansari

Turning in a convincing dark role might actually make a lot of people respect Aziz a little more. At one point in his career, he was a very respectable comedian, but despite his continued popularity, it feels that something has happened and a lot of fans just aren’t buying into his act that much these days. Turning him into a truly dark villain could work, though he likely wouldn’t be someone that would be too impressive since his stature, his voice, and his bearing makes it obvious that he’d be more of a low-level villain or someone that was dependent on his ability to be completely opportunistic.

3. Amy Schumer

Some people like her, a lot of people don’t, but there are various reasons for this, and as to why one of her Netflix shows only received one star. Amy’s humor is unfortunately usually centered around just a few things and as a result, people tend to get tired of her after a while. But making her into a dark character in a movie might actually boost her reputation a little if she could pull it off, though it’s kind of doubtful that she would be able to dominate her way through a movie, largely because she feels the need to at least try to be funny with a bit of sarcasm here and there that might fall flat as a darker character.

2. Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has likely come closer than anyone on this list to being stuck in a dark place, but not necessarily being a darker character on screen. He does appear to have what it takes however as he could flip the switch and turn into someone that people would love to hate. It’s not so much his character or his ability to tell a joke that determines this, but instead his very effective deadpan face that he can pull pretty much whenever he wants. That fact alone would make him perfect for a darker role since at times it looks like he just doesn’t care, which would be perfect.

1. Kevin Hart

Kevin has to be one of the last people that anyone would ever think of making into a dark character in a movie simply because he’s always the guy that appears to be just a few steps away from being the one that’s smiling and cracking a joke. He’s such a positive character most of the time that even when he’s seen in a conflict with another character it’s still humorous and amusing in a big way. Turning him dark would be a challenge and a half to be certain.

Even comedians have a dark side.

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