Five Comic Book Movies That Truly Need a Reboot

Over the years fans have been subjected to some truly horrible comic book movies, and it’s about time that they got a serious reboot. Something failed in these movies that caused the entire thing to tank and it could have been the acting, the casting, the special effects, anything really. But the issue is that the stories were good enough to be something great if they’d been handled correctly, or if they’d been given a greater sense of purpose. Too many comic book heroes and villains have been subjected to horrible movies throughout the years for many fans to withstand. At this point it’s a wonder that some franchises have managed to hold onto the fans they still have. Since the comic book craze is still in full swing it might be time to dust off a few favorites and give them another go, just to see if a different director can bring them back to life.

With some of them the bar isn’t really that high to begin with.

5. Swamp Thing

To be fair this was made in the 1980’s and I don’t think that they had much of a budget for this movie. But think of what could be done with Swamp Thing now in terms of CGI effects and the type of story that could be written. Plus, as a DC character it could invite some very interesting ideas about revitalizing the brand and bringing the DCEU back to prominence.

4. Fantastic Four

Sigh. First fans didn’t like the films starring Jessica Alba and Chris Evans, now they didn’t like this one. I really think the Thing was represented better in this film but the others were kind of, well, blase to be honest. I can recall that people about had a fit that Johnny Storm was now black, but honestly that shouldn’t even be a concern. What is concerning is Doom’s origin and power set, which was so far out of whack from the source material that fans had a right to be mad.

3. Spawn

Huh boy where to start. The CGI was horrible, the acting was even worse, and the whole story line was like a fever dream cooked up by a writer that was overtired and in very bad need of a caffeine fix. It’s almost like they slapped this miserable thing together in a matter of hours and called it worthy of being a blockbuster. Michael Jai White isn’t the greatest actor in the world but this was low even for him.

2. Blade

Okay, the first movie was cool because it brought Blade out in a way that fans hadn’t really seen him yet and, more importantly, it brought him to the big screen where we COULD see him in action. There were a few corny and downright eye-rolling moments that could be seen but otherwise the first movie was more than enough action. It’s when it got into the second and third films that things fell apart. If they ever remake this character it might be best to start from the ground up.

1. Darkman

He’s not that practical of a superhero since he absolutely NEEDS a base of operations, but he’s totally cool because he can be just about anyone so long as he has a picture of them to replicate a face. Plus, he’s like raw aggression when he gets mad, and he gets stronger as well. The movies after this made kind of a mockery of the mythos, but Darkman was one of the more alluring heroes of his time.

Instead of sticking to the tired old formulas that are producing movies that stand a chance of flopping, let’s bring back some oldies that deserve another chance in the sun.

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