The Five Coolest Characters Brad Pitt Has Ever Played

How cool is this guy anyway? He simply exudes confidence on screen, like nothing can touch him. And really, it seems like nothing can even if he’s in the most dire straits possible. I mean come on, this is the guy that took on a staircase full of zombies and outran them while a bunch of armed soldiers were sniping his pursuers as he ran. He’s the guy that can go completely nuts and seem to make perfect sense while doing it. He’s the mecca of cool on the Hollywood scene, and a lot of fun to watch.

At this point it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot that Brad Pitt can’t do.

5. Mickey O’Neil – Snatch

Irish and English natives might not agree with his use of the Pikey dialect, but to the non-discerning ear it sounds absolutely amazing. Don’t even bother that he speaks so fast you can barely keep up, but the guy is also cool enough that he can take a massive beating and get right back up to drop his opponent with one knockout punch. That’s just flat out tough coupled with a heaping helping of unpredictable.

4. Lt. Aldo Raine – Inglorious Basterds

“We’re in the business of killin’ Nazi’s. And cousin, business a-boomin’.” Even in the midst of a horrifying war film he sounds just too cool and suave to be believed. Seriously, he’s so into his role that you might think he’s portraying an actual historical character rather than a made up name. Aldo “the Apache” is such an awesome character that he doesn’t even need to get his hands dirty most of the time. His soldiers are happy to leap to the front to get him what he wants and what he needs.

3. Detective David Mills – Se7en

He’s cool, but he can’t really keep his cool. Maybe it’s that quality that makes David Mills so great. He’s all fiery emotion and passion and very little reason. If not for Somerset he might be 1) dead, or 2) already in jail with his badge stripped. Seriously, the guy has some major impulse control issues that need to be fixed if he’s to stay on the police force. But in all fairness if you found out from your prisoner that they’d chopped off your wife’s head while she was begging for her life and your unborn child’s, would you really do anything different?

2. Rusty Ryan – Ocean’s Eleven

One of the top two roles of his career is the smooth, suave character of Rusty, the best friend of Danny Ocean. Gambler, criminal, and all-around fast talker. He’s cool because he’s the problem-solver, the go-getter, the doer that balances out Ocean’s capability to think up the big plans. While Danny is the face and brains of the operation, Rusty is the labor and the human resources of the small organization. He knows where to go, who to get, and how to obtain what they need in order to make their plan work. And he does it all with a calm, laid back attitude that we’ve come to love.

1. Tyler Durden – Fight Club

If you don’t know who Tyler Durden is then shame, shame, shame. All you have to do is type his name into Google and you’ll get millions of hits in seconds. He’s the epitome of cool in a crazy, anarchistic manner. He wants the establishment to fall but he also wants to just be a normal guy. I guess it really depends on which Tyler you’re talking to.

Brad Pitt has evolved throughout his career into this ultra-cool persona that simply knows how to slip into his roles the same way you slip into your favorite outfit. No matter the role he’s good to go the moment he’s in character.


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