The Five Most Dynamic Duos in Comic Book Movies

Sometimes even the most awesome heroes need backup, and heroes that aren’t known that well need someone to assist them in their endeavors. Dynamic duos in comic book movies have the danger of being overplayed as they can get a little too cutesy at times and a little too cliched. But overall they’re better off because the enemies that so many of the heroes take on are so numerous or so awesomely powerful that the hero often needs at least a little bit of help. Plus it never hurts to have allies and someone that happens to know how you operate and can be of some help. Some duos are less than friendly towards each other at times while others are about as tight as siblings, but overall the strength of a duo when it comes to superheroes is something that will usually outstrip any single enemy.

Here are some of the best duos from comic book movies.

5. Blade – Blade and Whistler

You might be wondering why this is on the list, but quite honestly these two make a great pair since Whistler is the guy that runs the operation and Blade is the guy that enforces it. While Whistler is constantly coming up with new gadgets and intelligence on the vampires for Blade to use, Blade is out in the world making it is his business to mess up as many bloodsuckers as he can find and make certain that they don’t forget he’s around. Their pairing is kind of unorthodox since Whistler found Blade as a child and almost killed him, but over time it grew into something of a bond that neither man could really do without. After all, Blade went in search of Whistler in the second movie for a reason, and he didn’t kill him if you’ll recall.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy – Rocket and Groot

This is a Mutt and Jeff moment for the ages as Rocket is all bravado and mouth along with a healthy amount of technical know-how that has managed to help him and Groot become one of the most successful duos in comics. Groot on the other hand is just big, strong, and devoted to Rocket as his bodyguard and his friend. It’s a very odd pairing since Groot is for the most part very gentle and kind-spirited while Rocket is far more abrasive and doesn’t seem to have a filter between his brain and his mouth to speak of. But throughout everything we’ve seen so far Groot is bound and determined to stick with Rocket no matter what happens, and Rocket is, despite his coarse nature, rather fond of the talking tree.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Iron Man and Spider-Man

This is more of a mentor to student kind of pairing as it seems like in the movie since Spider-Man is still coming into his abilities and understanding what he can and can’t do. Iron Man kind of takes him on as a sidekick in a way but wants him to learn how to control his teenage impulse to always do what he feels is right by measuring it against what is really needed. It’s kind of amusing to see the constant back and forth between the inexperienced Peter Parker and the very self-assured Tony Stark since the two of them are quite opposite in their mannerisms and don’t always seem to mesh well. They do however work together very nicely.

2. Ant-Man and the Wasp – Scott Lang and Hope Pym

This is another odd pairing as it’s seen in the movies but one that was began in the comics a long, long time ago. Ant Man and the Wasp were two of the founding members of the Avengers, which made it odd at first to see when the Avengers movie came out and they were nowhere to be found. The story seems to go however that Janet and Hank were two of the first individuals to start off the idea of super-powered individuals that could be used as weapons, but when Janet disappeared the hope of using that to further such goals kind of died out. Now Scott and Hope have the chance to really make a difference as they enter the MCU and try to make Ant Man and the Wasp become the well-known duo that so many fans have been missing.

1. Batman and Robin – Batman and Robin

This is THE dynamic duo that throughout comic book history has been one of the true and only pairings that has ever inspired a great number of fans. Batman and Robin can barely be said on their own without thinking of the other. Throughout their history there’s been a lot of ups and downs since Robin, even the first one, was not always the easiest person to get along with. But then again neither is Batman, as both men have dark pasts that hold a lot of pain and anguish. But on the battlefield and going up against some of the worst enemies that either of them have seen, this duo is one of the most unstoppable ever created.

Sometimes having a partner is just better than going it alone.

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