Five Extremely Talented Actors Who Have Also Received Razzies

The Golden Raspberry award, or Razzie, is the anti-award that makes little sense considering that it’s an award that people don’t want, but it’s still recognizing just how badly someone did by giving them an award that’s aimed at reminding them that as bad they are they’re still celebrated. In other words, it’s the one participation trophy that actors tend to earn just for being so horrible at something. It doesn’t make sense to some people and it’s kind of offensive to others, but the whole point of the Razzie is essentially to mock an actor or whoever receives it while still holding them up as a shining example. There are plenty of talented actors that have received Razzies as well as Oscars and to be certain, one might not want to ever win a Razzie on basic principle, but the fact that they’re even there is another reason to roll our eyes at celebrities since they appear to need coddling even when they’ve done their worst. Those that have won the Razzie tend to make light of it since it is kind of a ridiculous reward for having done something that people don’t find useful or even that entertaining. But hey, the celebs are going to do what the celebs want to do.

Here are a few famous names that have taken home a Razzie despite their talent.

5. Eddie Redmayne

While The Theory of Everything managed to get him noticed and the Fantastic Beasts movies have been getting him paid, Eddie Redmayne did take part in a movie titled Jupiter Ascending that was anything but groundbreaking since it was panned by the critics and deemed as one of the more boring science fiction movies to ever come out. It’s interesting how one can go from such highs to such lows in a short amount of time, but despite all that he is a good actor that manages to his part in any movie work as well as he can. Jupiter Ascending felt like a train wreck that wasn’t going to be stopped.

4. Halle Berry

Does Catwoman ring a bell? If ever there was a representation of a comic book character that went off the rails, that was it, and no matter how good she looked in her outfit it wasn’t enough to keep the movie from being criticized left and right since to be completely honest it was a poor decision on Halle’s part to even say yes to the role. She’s gone on to become one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood at times, but this one role could have derailed her career at one point had she allowed it to define her. Thankfully that’s not the case as she got back up and kept moving forward.

3. Brad Pitt

It’s hard to imagine Pitt doing anything bad enough to earn a Razzie, isn’t it? Even some of his less than stellar movies haven’t been that bad. But apparently, people thought that his time in Interview with a Vampire was worth the award since despite the fact that people loved the story the movie didn’t come off that smoothly. One could chalk it up to people just being their same, picky selves, but after watching the movie it was kind of hard to imagine that anyone would really think that Pitt and Tom Cruise are that believable in such roles. But hey, everyone has their opinion.

2. Kevin Costner

Has anyone noticed how Costner has really dug into the hero roles over the course of his career? He’s either a reluctant hero, an idealistic hero or someone that’s at least trying to change something for the better because he sees no other choice at some point. One might think that he earned a Razzie for Waterworld, but it was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and The Postman that earned him those awards. Personally, I didn’t think either movie was really that bad, but then I’m not a film critic since like so many other people it’s easy for me to slip into a movie and actually enjoy it.

1. Sandra Bullock

This is another person that likes her positive roles since it’s rare to see Sandra Bullock as anyone that’s not wanting to make life better for someone in her movies, even if it’s a desire to make life better for herself. A lot of times in the movies she does tend to take on roles that make her look amazing and like a truly decent person, but the fact that she did earn a Razzie is enough to think that sometimes that act doesn’t work the way she wants it to. She might be a decent person in real life or not, it’s hard to say, but obviously, she’s not perfect.

The Razzie is Hollywood’s way of saying ‘nyah nyah, you suck’ while still rewarding the person.

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