Five Facts You Didn’t Know about Laura Benanti

If you’re big into theater then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Laura Benanti since she’s a very prominent name in the business. Her list of credits is very impressive and to be quite honest there’s no doubt that she’s among the best when she’s at her best. There have been times when she couldn’t perform even when those in charge were asking her to do so. Her health to date has been quite good and she’s been known to take it easy when she absolutely has to, otherwise her work ethic and dedication to her craft are simply astounding and almost never in question. That’s impressive given that in the theater there’s really no chance to yell ‘cut’ when a mistake happens. You just have to roll with it and keep going.

The show must go on after all.

5. She was married to the lead singer of the Spin Doctors.

The marriage only lasted a year as it seemed like it fell apart shortly after the couple said “I do”. Celebrity marriages are known to be short and sometimes painful but there are still those that are already considering of a divorce before the ink on the marriage license is even dry. In some cases it almost seems like this is a trend that’s been going on for decades now, as though it’s considered popular to get married just for show.

4. She’s been big in the theater and TV industries. 

Her list of roles in both theater and TV is quite impressive since she’s had a full schedule for quite a while. Something seems to indicate that she’s a bit of a workaholic at times and absolutely loves it since she doesn’t seem to take a break all that often. Some people just thrive when they’re absolutely beset with things to do as it drives them and keeps them on their toes as much as possible.

3. She’s won a few awards, including a Tony.

She’s been nominated a bunch of times and won four awards, including the coveted Tony award for Best Actress in a Musical. That’s not anything to scoff at since it’s a huge accomplishment in theater and something that a lot of women strive for and never reach. It does say that she’s managed to reach the top of the hill and that she’s one of the elite now.

2. She had her first child at the age of 37.

Women definitely seem to be having kids later in life. It makes sense to get the work, the partying, and the building of a reputation and a possible financial cushion out of the way before having kids. But the one thing that any parent will learn is that no matter how emotionally and financially ready they are they still aren’t ready at all.

1. She had to bow out of a show once due to a severe neck injury.

She fell during a performance of Into the Woods and herniated two discs in her neck. This injury took her out of the play and could have ended her career. Worse than that was that she was encouraged to get back on the stage not long after, which only made things worse as she eventually had to have surgery that thankfully went just fine.

Don’t ever say that theater actors aren’t tough.

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